The chilling picture that convinced this tour group a ghost was among them.

A recent photo of a tour group in front of an abandoned mental asylum in Liverpool has captured something very, very creepy.

Phillip Barron, 45, who runs tours of Newsham Park Hospital, is convinced there is a ghost standing among the visitors.

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A self-described ghost hunter, Barren has guided over 20 tours, which always start with a group photo in front of the facility. During his most recent tour, he took the photo and didn’t think about it until the following day when it was posted on Facebook.

It was then he counted 30 faces in the image – despite only 29 people being in the group.

Image via Facebook.

While the woman in the centre appears to simply have a shadow cast over her, Barron is certain she wasn't part of the tour.

None of the other members of the group remembered her either.

Image via Facebook.

Recounting the story to the Liverpool Echo, Barron said, "We always begin our ghost hunts with a picture of the group, I have done this many times and this is exactly what I did.

"I took the picture on my phone and just put it in my pocket, I didn’t even look at it. It wasn’t until the next morning, after it had been posted to Facebook with other pictures from the night, that I saw it.

"We asked everyone who was there if they remember this person, but they don’t."

Barron added that despite the amount of time he's spent in the asylum, which was built in 1869 and closed down in 1992, "I have seen shadows, and people have had strange feelings, but nothing like this".

According to The Sun, the hospital is filled with broken beds, as well as abandoned wheelchairs and trollies. The staircases are also fitted with high bannisters, aimed to prevent people from throwing themselves down the flights of stairs.

Sceptics says images like this can be the result of pareidolia - a psychological phenomenon whereby the brain tricks the eyes into seeing faces or other familiar patterns where they don't exist.

Can you see the 'ghost girl'?