Horrifying ghost baby photobombs couple at wedding. Nobody ever sleeps again.

Because marriage isn’t terrifying enough…

Some of you know how difficult it is to plan a wedding. More specifically, how hard it is to finalise your guest list.

There will inevitably be people who want to bring dates, or those who say they won’t bring a date and then do… it’s awkward.

But of all the surprising or unwanted wedding guests, you probably weren’t expecting the undead spawn of satan.

This happened to kmdallday. (Not his real name, his Reddit name.)

ghost at wedding
“What a lovely day to say ‘I do’.” Image: Imgur.

Kmdallday and his wife snapped this pic on their wedding day, only to make it their Facebook profile picture before realising they’d been photobombed by an unexpected guest.

Can’t see it?

Look closer…

Why, hello there.

There it is.

I get the impression he’s rather pleased with himself, clearly chuckling at his own trickery. But what is he exactly?

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The forgotten altar boy? An optical illusion?


Because there are no other obvious answers, we can only conclude this unidentified thing with a face is, in fact, a ghost.

If I had to give him a doppelganger, I’d say he looks like Casper. An evil casper.

Casper the “friendly” ghost.

Have you had an experience with the supernatural?