Georgie Gardner calls Karl Stefanovic "pathetic" in an awkward on-air exchange.

Karl Stefanovic‘s first morning back on the Today Show has coincided with the release of full details of what was said in his rant to brother Peter about co-host Georgie Gardner while in an Uber.

And while Gardner has not directly commented on the saga, she branded Stefanovic “pathetic” in what appeared to be a thinly veiled nod to the drama during an unrelated segment on this morning’s show.

After an entertaining story on a UK sausage dog parade, Stefanovic joked he could not watch the footage due to being “savaged by a sausage dog as a child”.

Watch the exchange in the video below.

Video by Channel 9

After being urged to “face his fears” by newsreader Deborah Knight, Gardner said, “Well, that’s right. That’s coming up, don’t you worry about that.”

It gave the impression to some viewers that she was not strictly talking about the sausage dog segment.


After joking about how “menacing” the dogs were, Stefanovic responded saying he sensed “a little sarcasm” in her voice.

“Well, it’s probably about now I should call you pathetic.”

The tone wasn’t entirely jokey and was met with an awkward chuckle from Stefanovic.

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This morning, New Idea published their exclusive interview with the Uber driver who, after picking up Peter Stefanovic and wife Sylvia Jeffreys, said he overheard the controversial 45-minute conversation between the brothers over loud speaker.

“He called Karl and told him he was in a cab and that he was on speaker phone so they all were aware I was there and could hear everything,” he told New Idea.


He said the older Stefanovic complained about Gardner “sitting on the fence” by not having enough opinions and needed to “step up” if she wanted to remain on the show.

Jeffreys apparently did not join in on the conversation.

reached out to Channel Nine for comment.

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