Why Katie Love was the real hero of last night's Bachelorette finale.

Say what you will about Matty J’s broken heart, Lee’s babbling declarations of love and Georgia’s dress, the real star of The Bachelorette finale on Thursday was Georgia’s older, wiser and staunch as hell big sister, Katie.

Meeting the final two contenders for her baby sister’s heart, Katie Love had her game face on.

And it was the face of a sister who has been here before, many, many times.

Georgia Love's sister
"Really? We're here again?" Source: Channel 10.

Almost anyone who has siblings can attest to that fact that every family has one of each sister.

On one hand, there are the Georgia's, who have a tendency to see the best in everyone and fall easily, hard and head first into love with their eyes closed. It's dramatic, it's intense, it's short-lived.

On the other hand, there are also the Katie's, who are cautious, take their time and question things before taking the plunge. It's timely, it's risk-averse, it leaves you open to being the child who gets stuck caring for your parents when they age.

As the Georgia of my family, I couldn't love my Katie (whose name is Bronnie) and the short, sharp and salty assessments she's made of my suitors more.

Georgia Love's sister
Katie is sick of being here, Georgia. Sort it out. Source: Channel 10.

When I've actually listened, they have saved me from many a disaster. When I haven't... well, let's just say a broken heart has followed.

Like Katie Love, Bronnie's communication methods have always been easy to understand.

I'm the Georgia (right) and my sister is the Katie (left).

If they were okay, but not great, she'd offer a kind but non-committal opinion before pivoting the hell away from the looming car crash I was yet to see. "He's lovely," she'd say, "But what are you doing this weekend?"

If she really didn't like them she'd point out the flaws in a non-confrontational way, saying something like, "he's very serious, isn't he?"

When it came to ones she really hated she just wouldn't say anything at all. And that said everything.

Georgia Love's sister
"Babe, no. Noooooo." Source: Channel 10.

When I introduced Bronnie to my then new boyfriend almost four years ago, I felt exactly like Georgia did on Thursday night.

I was desperate to know what she thought about this guy I really liked. Our relationship felt different and I had a really good feeling about him, but what if I was wrong? What would she say?

Just like Katie, she was wary, stand-offish and wouldn't fully engage in the conversations he tried to have with her. But after a couple of days together, she pulled me aside and simply said, "I really like him." And that was that. He's part of our family now.

Katie Love was playing the bad cop with Lee because that's the role she has to play. If she doesn't she's seen what can happen.

Georgia Love's sister
"Pssst... Georgia, just in case you don't know how I feel about this guy." Source: Channel 10.

And given that months have passed since the show filmed, there's every chance that Katie now loves Lee and think he's the perfect guy for her baby sister.

Regardless of whether you liked her lipstick or not, every woman needs a Katie in their life. And once you find them, you should never let them go. They're better than any boyfriend you could ever have.