EXCLUSIVE: Georgia says Lee nearly blew The Bachelorette finale, but with good reason.

To say the past year has been a rollercoaster for Georgia Love would be an understatement of epic proportions. In the last six months alone, the 28-year-old journalist made her national television debut as the 2016 star of The Bachelorette, graced our television screens twice a week for months, and in October, revealed she’d found her dream guy in Lee Elliott.

Then, just one day after the finale aired, Georgia’s beloved mum Belinda lost her battle with pancreatic cancer.

Georgia with mum Belinda. Source: Instagram.

"I actually can't describe how it's been because it's unlike anything I've ever known," Love told Mamamia during a Facebook Live interview on Tuesday.

"Quite literally the highest points of my life, and the lowest, all happened within weeks, but even days of each other. Touch wood that I don't know again that extreme high to low in such short succession," she said.

Perhaps what made the unimaginably difficult situation even harder was the fact that for much of the time that Belinda was sick, Georgia was in the spotlight, and her relationship with Lee, which was still in its infancy, was a secret that had to be kept from the rest of the country.

Months on, though, Georgia has admitted that their secret was almost blown at the 11th hour when Lee decided to be by her side during the family's time of need.

"When my mum was admitted into palliative care it was in that time where we weren't allowed to see each other because the show was still on air, and he just called up Channel 10 and the producers and said 'I'm going to the hospital, so if you'd like to help that happen so we don't get caught, that's fine but even if you don't, I'm going because a TV show's a TV show, but this is real life and I need to be there,'" Georgia said, adding that the decision was one that made all the difference.

"Just being able to actually have him there and having had him met my mum was a small blessing in something that wasn't a blessing at all," Georgia said. "I think the only good thing about that timing, not that there's ever good timing for something like that, is that we were all able to be together and Lee included in that."