Sarah Harris has issued words of warning to her Studio 10 summer replacement, Georgia Love.

Just two weeks after it was announced that 27-year-old Georgia Love would be joining the Studio 10 team as a guest panelist over the summer non-ratings period, the Bachelorette star has had her first day on the job.

It seems her morning went off without a hitch, but that didn’t stop regular co-host Sarah Harris from sharing some much-needed advice before ‘handing over the reigns’ to Love.

Sharing a selfie on Instagram, Harris told Love to “knock ’em dead” during her stint on the job.

Sarah and Georgia pose in the studio. Image via Instagram.

"When I...first saw this gorgeous gal stumble down the stairs in a fancy gown - without spilling a drop of champagne! - on The Bachelorette, I thought, 'this bird is awesome'," she wrote.

"I can happily report that [Georgia] is just as adorable in real life as she seems."

After an emotional few weeks for the reality star - whose mother passed away just two days after it was revealed Love had found love with 35-year-old Lee Elliott - Harris also took the chance to pass on some hilarious, but very valuable, warnings about the rest of the panel.

"I've warned her about @joe_hildebrand's bananas (not a euphemism as loyal viewers of @studio10au know). And about @jonoanddano (also not a euphemism)," she wrote.

"You're in safe hands lady face!"

Love also posted about her 'practice day' in the chair.


"That was so much fun! Thank you for having me...I had a ball as a panellist this morning and absolutely cannot wait to come back next month to host!" she wrote.

The loveable reality star - who gave up her job as a newsreader to find love on the Channel 10 show - also added the hashtags "it's anchorman not anchor-lady" and "you stay classy Sydney", proving that her sense of humour is very much in tact.