EXCLUSIVE: Georgia Love didn't call out the 'thunder thighs' slurs for herself.

Former Bachelorette Georgia Love has shared why she drew attention to the recent bullying she suffered after photos of her were published online.

The 28-year-old was cruelly labelled as having “thunder thighs” by a commenter on an article featuring paparazzi images of Love exercising outdoors.

The journalist told Mamamia during a Facebook Live interview she felt it was important to draw attention to the criticism rather than ignore it.

“I’m not a size 6, I’m not a Victoria Secret model but I’m not fat, either, and if these things are being said about me, when of all things in those pictures, I was exercising,” she said.

“I thought if people are saying this about me, in that situation, imagine what they’re saying to anyone else.”

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Love said her stand was made not to defend her own sensitivity but of others who may have been hurt by the implied comparison.


“I’m not worried by a troll behind a keyboard calling me fat,” she said.

“But I know that a lot of other people are extremely affected by things like that so I think it is someone like me who, you know, is willing to take a stand, needs to.”

The journalist mentioned the tragic passing of Charlotte Dawson, a journalist who also faced fierce bullying from the online community.

“These horrible comments that people on the internet are making, do affect people,” she said.

“So I just wanted to go, if you can be, faithless and shameless, and have a go at me well I’ll have a go at you right back. And see how you feel about that.”

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Love spoke about how the original Bachelorette Sam Frost had previously told critics they had defeated her after her own torrent of abuse.

“I remember last year, she came out at one point and everyone was extremely worried about her, because she came out and said, to the trolls ‘you’ve won’ – or words to that effect,” she said.

“I don’t want anyone getting to that point, and so I thought, I’m just going to shame them.”

The former television presenter also acknowledged how this kind of scrutiny is almost an inevitable evil of maintaining a public image.

“I signed up for The Bachelorette, I signed up for scrutiny,” she said.

The 28-year-old has accepted a string of guest roles since the show where she speaks about her life and simmering romance with 35-year-old partner Lee Elliott.

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