Celeb in 5: Thursday’s best entertainment and gossip news.

1. George Clooney once gifted 14 of his closest friends with $1 million and SORRY EXCUSE US BUT WHAT THE HELL?


Once upon a time, actor and Nespresso addict George Clooney did a thing. A very generous thing.

According to the Ocean's Eleven actor's friend and business partner, Rande Gerber, Clooney gave 14 of his closest friends $1 million as a "surprise gift".

*Passes out*

"There’s a group of guys we call 'The Boys'. George had called me and 'The Boys' and said, 'Hey, mark September 27th, 2013, on your calendar. Everyone’s going to come to my house for dinner," Gerber (fun fact, he's also Cindy Crawford's husband) told MSNBC's Headliners.

He then went on to say Clooney presented each of 'The Boys' - sorry, does that make any one else vom a little bit? - with a 'designer luggage bag' filled with $1 million in $20 notes.

"George begins to say, 'Listen, I want you guys to know how much you've meant to me and how much you mean to me in my life,'" Gerber recalled. "'I came to L.A., I slept on your couch. I'm so fortunate in my life to have all of you and I couldn't be where I am today without all of you. So, it was really important to me that while we’re still all here together, that I give back."

Honestly, we don't know whether to feel uncomfortable or jealous about the whole thing. And side note... WHO HAS 14 CLOSE FRIENDS?! Just saying.

2. Tennis pro Eugenie Bouchard agreed to a date with a Twitter fan. Nine months later? They're actually together.

Sometimes in life, the stars align and magical things happen. This, friends, is one of those times.


Nine months ago, John Goehrke struck gold when he fluked his way into a date with Candian tennis player, Eugenie Bouchard.

"If Patriots win we go on a date?" the 20-year-old uni student from the US tweeted Bouchard when she made the mistake of calling the Super Bowl (American football) final a tad early.

Long story short, the Patriots indeed won, and Bouchard held up her end of the deal, taking Goehrke to a Brooklyn Nets basketball game.

But because love is real and pure, it would appear the pair hit it off, catching up another two times since, the National Post reports. The first, last Thursday when Bouchard tweeted them enjoying a pre-Christmas night on the couch...

... And then again on Tuesday at the beach.


3. Kirsten Dunst is pregnant with her first child! #Congratulations

In irrefutable, definitely 100 per cent accurate news (we're sure), Kirsten Dunst is currently with child!

US Weekly announced that 'a source' revealed that Dunst and fiance Jesse Plemons are expecting their first child, however so far the actress has yet to confirm.

Despite this, Dunst has let slip on multiple occasions that babies have perhaps been on her brain, telling Marie Claire in July: "I’m at a stage in my life where I’m like, I’ve been working since I was three. It’s time to have babies and chill."

Congratulations to Kirsten Dunst and Jesse Plemons
Congratulations to Kirsten Dunst and Jesse Plemons. Image via Getty.

While we're still waiting for confirmation, we're always on board for a celebrity baby, alleged or otherwise.

4. Joe Jonas is the new judge on The Voice and we have some... feelings... about it.

Jonas Brothers fans rejoice! Joe Jonas is coming to Australia!

You've got to give it to The Voice when it comes to getting international celebrities to assume temporary 'Australian-ship' for a few months, and the show just tweeted confirmation that Joe (we feel like we're on first names basis now) will be a judge on the singing show, joining Kelly Rowland, Boy George, and Delta Goodrem.

It's worth noting that younger brother Nick and Delta actually dated back in 2012, however any awkwardness has been left in the past.

"We're going to tease each other, for sure," he told TheFIX "but it's going to be really great to share the stage with her and work with somebody that has had such great success [in Australia]."

Is it bad that we feel... ripped off... that our beloved, masterful Seal is being replaced by a former boy band member - when said boy band produced approximately zero hits?

We feel ripped off.

In happier news, Joe's fiancée Sansa Stark Sophie Turner might also be making an appearance Down Under, so that's something.

5. 'Fuller House' actor John Stamos is going to be a first-time dad at 54.

John Stamos has revealed to PEOPLE that he and his fiancée, Caitlin McHugh, are expecting their first child.

The 54-year-old actor is set to be a first-time father, with the sitcom star always "wanting to be a dad".

"People would say, ‘You should have a child,’" he told the publication. "I was like, ‘That ship has sailed.’"

"The [pregnancy] happened. Then I said, I better have a ring on her finger because it’s the right thing to do, and I wanted to marry her anyway,” Stamos said. “So I called her parents to ask, and it was like, ‘You better!’"

How he popped the question, you may ask? By going to Disneyland with 31-year-old Disney Parks fanatic McHugh, and ending a compilation of romantic Disney scenes short movie with The Little Mermaid.

Apparently, it encouraged him to "ask the girl".

It's corny, but we're all for it.