The $7.95 cleanser 10 Mamamia team members are obsessed with.

Thanks to our brand partner, Cetaphil

Life’s stresses get the better of us all from time to time and we’re often desperate for ways to remedy that.

Breathing exercises, adult colouring in books, aerial yoga — we’re willing to give it all a crack. But when it comes to de-stressing, one thing most of us wouldn’t often consider is the role our skin plays in how we feel.

When it’s radiant and low maintenance, we’re laughing. But as soon as breakouts, sensitivities, dry patches and oily T-zones pop up it can send our stress levels through the roof.

So the Mamamia Women’s Network office decided to take Cetaphil’s 14-day stress-less challenge.

Our new favourite cleanser. Image: supplied.

This meant swapping our usual cleanser for Cetaphil to see how its hydrating, gentle formula stacked up, and whether it would help us stress less about our skin.

Here are the results.


"My skin is, in a word, sensitive — much like my temperament. The constant weather fluctuation at this time of year wreaks havoc on every inch of my face and body. Switching between highly moisturising face washes and exfoliating scrubs is my usual tactic, but truthfully, it only causes more problems. Blotchy skin means more makeup and increased sensitivity.

"Enter Cetaphil, less fuss and no need to slather my face with excessive moisturisers every day to combat my own mistakes. After 14 days, my skin is happier and I'm spending less time, money and emotional energy on finding the perfect combination of skin products because I've got it all right here in one bottle."


"I found Cetaphil to be the perfect cleanser to use on my skin because the consistency of the formula didn’t feel like I was using a cleanser at all. Cetaphil was very gentle and didn’t sting my eyes. When I rinsed it away with water, it also didn’t leave my skin feeling taught or tight like some other cleaners I have used.


"Having an oily skin type, it can be hard for me to find a cleanser that keeps it under control. However after using Cetaphil, I noticed reduced oiliness, as it didn’t disrupt the natural PH balance of my skin."

Gentle and perfect for sensitive skin according to Mary (left) and Valentina (right). Images: supplied.


"Almost as if on cue, my skin changed dramatically at 27. After a couple of decades of perfectly fine skin, my body decided to throw me a curveball in the form of angry hormonal breakouts and fine lines. My foamy cleansers of the past were now causing my skin to flare up, so I finally decided to try my hand at cream cleansers - gentle cleansers that don't aggravate. Enter: Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser.

"As a beauty editor I'm ashamed to say I've only just tried this product that everyone from friends to celebrities to dermatologists rave about. It's super, super gentle — great for my sensitive skin — yet still leaves it feeling fresh and clean. On days where I wear heavier makeup I use cotton pads to remove makeup prior to a double cleanse, so I don't need to use loads of the product - it's not a heavy duty makeup removing cleanser. My skin? It's much, much happier."


"I find it hard to find cleansers that suit my skin. It's temperamental. Oily one day, patchy the next, and frustratingly sensitive. Because of this, many products tend to be too harsh, leaving my skin dry, stripped and stinging. But Cetaphil didn't. After a few days of adjustment, my skin became noticeably calmer, with fewer spots and dry patches, and I didn't experience any irritation or tightness immediately after cleansing. In fact, it felt quite moisturising. Overall, my face is feeling softer, cleaner and clearer. And another bonus, Cetaphil turned out to be an excellent makeup remover, too!"

Both Eddie (left) and Belinda (right) have soothed their temperamental skin. Images: supplied.

Laura H

"Over the past year or so, my skin has changed dramatically to what it once was. My oily acne-prone teenage skin became more clear and healthy-looking. As such I changed my routine to suit it. As far as cleansers go, I wash my face with a cleanser morning and night and with an exfoliating scrub about twice a week. When I switched to Cetaphil I enjoyed the lightness of it; it felt cleansing without being too heavy and clogging my pores like some other cleansers. I found it also helped balance out my uneven skin tone while helping my skin look dewy, clean and fresh every day."


"Before this trial, I had actually been recommended Cetaphil a number of times by my doctor. I have very sensitive skin, which is quite prone to rashes, redness, and dryness. I noticed that Cetaphil was the only cleansing product I've used that didn't leave my skin looking red and blotchy. It also didn't leave me with that feeling of tightness I often get from using cleansers. I found myself moisturising far less as a result; the dryness I was experiencing has vanished. I will absolutely continue to use this product, because it means I no longer have to stress about combination skin."


Cleansing without being too heavy, according to Laura H (left) and Jessie (right). Images: supplied.


"My Mediterranean genes have blessed me with oily skin. I’ve been told not to complain about it because it’ll help me age gracefully (fingers crossed). But as a 24-year-old, I just want to make it through two whole hours without having my makeup melt off my face. I’ve tried a lot of cleansers for oily skin, most of which are far too strong and result in over-dryness, and as someone who has spent a fortune trying to keep my skin under control, I was sceptical that a supermarket brand would work for me. In fact, I was worried that it would make my skin even worse. I was genuinely surprised at how light, gentle and effective Cetaphil is on my skin, and that it allows my makeup and I make it through the day intact."


"I am definitely someone who is swayed by brand names, so when I was asked to try Cetaphil for two weeks I wasn’t expecting it do much for my skin. The first time I tried it I was really surprised with the formula, it looks and feels like a fancy cleanser. I found it was really effective at removing my makeup and the residue of the day, while leaving my skin feeling soft and refreshed.

"I have really dry skin, and I mean really dry — sometimes it looks like my eyebrows have dandruff! After two weeks of using Cetaphil my skin looks and feels so much better. It’s been much more effective than some of the expensive brands I’ve used in the past. Cetaphil is definitely staying as a staple in my skin care regimen."

Great for both oily and dry skin. Thanks Natalia (left) and Ruby (right).  Images: supplied.


"When I’m getting ready for a trip, I always find myself at the last minute trying to force my cleanser and body wash into little bottles to pack in my bag. The first thing I find when I arrive at my destination? Those same little bottles, burst open and leaking everywhere. Just before my last trip, my friend gave me a bottle of Cetaphil. Not only did it replace my sensitive cleanser and body wash, it also was a perfect, relaxing way to wash off the sweat, dust and drama of travel. Cetaphil is definitely my new travel buddy."

Laura B

"As someone who is about to leave their 20s behind, I've decided it's time to take my skincare seriously. Unfortunately, as my career and personal obligations become more intense with old age, my skin is starting to show signs of stress. The first thing I noticed about the Cetaphil cleanser, after I smothered it over my face in the shower, was that my new high maintenance skin didn't have a reaction to it. It was gentle and I wasn't left with a tender and flaming red face. Something that happened after using other products. It preserved my skin's natural oils, which explains why my face in no longer dry. Instead, my face is soft and smooth. It's like being 21 again."

An excellent travel buddy for Amy (left) and ideal for Laura B's (right) high maintenance skin. Images: supplied.

After the last 14 days, it certainly seems the Mamamia office is stressing less.

How do you stress less?