5 ways to break out of your beauty rut.

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Are you still relying on the same beauty products you’ve had since 1999?

Do you want to update your make up but don’t know where to start? With the recent additions of BB creams, CC creams, primers, illuminators and serums it’s no wonder you’re confused or feel overwhelmed at beauty counters. Here’s five beauty product substitutions you can use to update your routine (and make up bag).

1. Swap your concealer for a corrector.

If you can never entirely hide dark under eye circles it’s worth swapping your concealer for a correcting product instead.

To apply: push the product into the corner of the eyes by gently patting it on with your ring finger (it won’t drag the skin). Go over the area with a light layer of your regular foundation to blend it in or an illuminating product.

2. Try a BB cream over a foundation.

I’m always being asked about BB creams – what they’re about and which ones are good. They make an excellent choice for time-poor women as you can replace five even up to seven products with just one product (imagine all that free space in your bathroom cabinet!).

This week I did a ‘Reality Roadtest’ on Garnier’s new Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream for sensitive skin, watch the video below for my thoughts on it and how you can create an everyday look using it along with a handful of other products.

3. Opt for crème blush over a powdered blush.

Blush – it’s a product that can strike fear into the heart of any woman. Powedered blushes are really easy to get wrong; don’t tap off enough of the excess product and you’ve got clownface or blush stripes. But creme blush is actually a lot easier to apply, and can help to define your cheekbones and gives you a flush of youthful colour.

4. Sub a creme eyeshadow for brown eyeshadow.

Imagine if applying eyeshadow was as easy as smudging it on with your fingers? Well, it is. I have a go-to metallic brown eyeshadow that is super easy nay, foolproof to apply and a lot less time consuming than blending in layers of compact eyeshadow. Metallic creme eyeshadows are great for bringing out the natural colour of your eyes without looking outdated – try coppery/brown for blue and green eyes and silver and purples for brown eyes.

5. Instead of moisturiser, try a primer.

I’m going to confess I always thought primer was a bit superfluous, that was until I tried one and now I’ll never go back. They can even your skin tone, prep your skin to ensure a smooth make up application and will also ensure your make up will last all day.

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Are you stuck in a beauty rut? What are your go-to products?