Game of Thrones producers put out casting call. Accidentally reveal season eight spoiler.

Unfortunately, we live in a world in which avoiding Game of Thrones spoilers is legitimately impossible.

Although this makes many of our lives difficult, it’s said spoilers that have brought us together here and now because we just can’t bloody help ourselves.

So let’s get on with ruining each others’ lives, shall we?

The producers of the long-running series have accidentally let slip the fate of one of our favourite GOT characters, who we last saw in season six riding off into the sunset to do Dany’s bidding.

Yes, we’re talking about Daario Naharis. This guy:

Remember him now? (Image: Giphy)

A casting call sheet released by GOT producers, as reported by fan site Watchers on the Wall, details the show's need for:

"A Mercenary, aged 35 – 50, described as an authoritative, fit, cool and charismatic military type. He’ll be appearing in 2 episodes of season 8. The role requires he be able to ride a horse."

The site also confirmed this character is the books' Harry Strickland, leader of the mercenary group known as the Golden Company, and will be played by German-born The Last King actor, Marc Rissmann. Looks the part, doesn't he?

A good day of hunting- please meet Tekil;) Shooting for #thelastkingdom #netflix @thelastkingdom

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So, what does this have to do with the long-awaited return of Daario? OK, so remember how at the end of season seven, evil uncle Euron Greyjoy stormed off to deliver his all-powerful Golden Company elite fighting force to Cersei so she can use it to crush Dany's dragons?

Remember?! Image via HBO.

Well, the casting of Rissmann in the role of the leader of The Golden Company sadly disproves the popular fan theory suggesting the mercenary group would arrive in King’s Landing in season eight, only to have the leader whip off his helmet and reveal himself at Daario - Dany's long-lost lover.

That would REALLY throw a spanner in the works.

Still with us? If you are, there is good news. It's yet to be 100 per cent confirmed whether Daario will or won't be coming back in season eight, only that it won't be in the way many thought.

Until next time.

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