'I'm just going to come out and say it. THANK GOD Game of Thrones is over.'

For the past seven weeks I’ve been an outsider. An other. The kind of person who stands on the edge of the group and nervously laughs, pretending I know what the hell everyone’s talking about.

Occasionally I would yell out things like ‘Jon Snow‘, ‘Red Wedding’ and ‘dragons’ but my workmates were onto me,  they knew I wasn’t a true GOTer.


You see, I’m a dethroner… a dethronie… an overthroner? I’ve never watched an episode of Game of Thrones in my life and I don’t plan to.

I’m one of those weird people who have absolutely no interest in seeing a bunch of medieval, smelly people fighting to the death/having copious amounts of graphic sex while drinking wine out of goblets and eating bore straight off the bone.

I have no idea who the bloody Starks are, all I know about Jon Snow is that he’s hot, I know the Night King (or as I thought he was called, the Night Stalker) needs a better skincare routine, and The Mountain is big mountain of man mountain (which I kind of like).

I have no idea how this show has been going for seven seasons and why people are becoming more and more obsessed with it.

I have no idea how everyone keeps up with the plot when all the character names are fenjegljfdlgnbpfmbm and wdsrswdwstrdw and EVERYONE keeps coming back from the dead.

Which is fine, that’s all fine. If it was any other show it wouldn’t matter that I don’t watch it, but Game of Thrones has been dominating the conversation from the better part of two months.


And it’s made me look even more awkward than normal.

At our morning editorial meetings I nod a little too enthusiastically when someone pitches a Game of Thrones themed idea, while a tumble-weed rolls past in my mind. In the staff kitchen I try to steer the conversation to different subjects like that time Dee and Toadie drove off the cliff in Neighbours only to be met with blank looks.

Twitter, Facebook and most of the internet is a no go zone. My memes fall flat. No one cares about my GIFs.

If you’re a dethroner, Game of Thrones season is a lonely time, full of tumbleweeds and awkward stammers.

That’s why I was so bloody excited yesterday when I found out the last episode was finally airing. It’s… it’s over.

We’re back, baby. The dethroners are finally back in the conversation. FINALLY. 

Now is the time of dethroners, we will unite and talk about a range of topics that have absolutely nothing to do with Westeros, the White Walkers, and bloody Ned Stark.

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