An awkward optical illusion has made a couple's wedding photo look very NSFW.


What do we have here?

An unfortunate camera angle has turned an innocent wedding photo into something… rather awkward.

The photo, posted on Imgur, has caused many, many double takes:

optical illusion wedding photo
.......Um. Yeah. Image: Imgur.

The picture should innocently show a bride and groom speaking at their wedding reception, but a female guest's arm makes it look... well, you see it.

Yes. Bum cheeks.

The Imgur poster captioned the photo "party in the front, business in the back" and oh god please stop.

Imgur users were understandably confused by the photo, which quickly became the butt of the jokes (sorry not sorry  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯).

"Ya had me there for about half a second," one wrote.

"My 4 year old saw this and said mommy why is her butt out?" commented another.

Once people got past the uh, bum situation, some were also left confused by the guests seen in the background.

Namely, the guy rocking a NFL hat at a wedding and the man in the background who is technically still wearing a tie... with his singlet.

This looks like one hell of a wedding and honestly, we wish we got an invite.