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Haleigh's Halloween costume is just a T-shirt. But it has single women cheering.

Thinking of posting your cute Halloween pic on Insta?

Don’t bother.

Just go home, because a U.S. university student has already won with the best damn costume I have seen in a loooooong time.

No, I do not exaggerate.

Haleigh Connor completely dumped the idea that witches or devils are the scariest thing in the world, and picked the one that truly terrifies everyone:

scariest thing I could think of #shoutouttomyexes

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My good lord, this woman is my American spirit animal.

In an even more extraordinary act, the biology and neuroscience student also tagged all her exes in the photo.

Do you hear that?

That’s the sound of single women cheering all over the globe. That’s also the sound of me cackling and sending it to all of my friends.


Speaking to Buzzfeed News, Connor said she has copped a bit of flack for how many exes she has. Which, well, is just ridiculous, but I’ll let Connor explain for herself.

“I had boyfriends in middle school, but that usually consists of only seeing each other at school and having your parents drive you around to places,” she said. “It was never anything serious of course.”

I think a few of my exes have gained a few followers as well, which is always a plus in today’s world.” 


gopher gamedays are back !!!

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She’s probably doing them a favour.

Now, excuse me while I continue to bask in this photo’s glory.