Fascinating: Six Barbie alternatives from around the world.






This is Fulla.

Fulla likes shopping, reading, hanging out with her friends and praying (she comes with her own prayer mat). She also works as a teacher and a doctor. So, while she doesn’t exactly have the professional range of Barbie, at least she’s decide to do something good with her life.

Fulla was created in 2003, when Barbie was outlawed in Saudi Arabia for promoting non-Islamic ideals. She has gone on to become a huge success across the Islamic world, with an empire of accessories, bicycles, breakfast cereals and electronics.

Although your standard Fulla doll only costs around $US10, there is also a budget version, Fulla Style, which is sold in developing regions.

The clothes than come with Fulla depend on where in the world you buy her. In Saudi Arabia, Fulla wears a black abaya. In other markets – she’s also very popular in Egypt and Indonesia – she often wears a white head scarf and a pastel coat, or even no veil at all. She dresses modestly at all times, with half- or full-length sleeves and long pants and skirts, but exactly what Fulla decides to wear is really up to the girl playing with her.

Interestingly, Fulla doesn’t have a boyfriend. But who needs one when you’re trying to balance your career as a teacher/doctor, right?

Here are five other cool Barbie alternatives from around the world:

Be honest: you want a doctor/teacher Fulla doll, don’t you?