A Friends fan theory about Ross and Rachel has emerged and DEAR GOD life is unravelling.

In a list of things in this world that are certain – a burger tastes better four wines deep, the Earth is round and Kim Kardashian’s multiple-figure bank balance – the union of Ross and Rachel was always just going to be a thing.

Eh, they had their differences, and of course, they had their ‘breaks’, but no Friends fan was ever under any illusion that they wouldn’t end up together when the narrative played out in full.

So, she got off the plane, the two came together and we mourned the loss of a show that was iconic, celebrating a relationship that would exist within the confines of our TV screens and nowhere else.

And that was it.

Or so we thought.

This week, a Twitter thread is saturating the internet with – dare I say it – particularly convincing arguments as to why Ross and Rachel should never have been, and Joey and Rachel were the real deal.

It started like this, with Juliet Mushens tweeting about the story line she’ll forever be annoyed about:

Just over an hour later came Twitter user Claire Willet, who, in the space of 100 different tweets, gave a blow-by-blow account of why Ross Geller is the worst thing to happen to the world since bad things came into the world.

It started a bit like this:




Well, this is quite true. Joey and Rachel were always firm friends, whereas the relationship between Ross and Rachel? Always romantic, in some way, shape or form.

It goes on:



Oh no, oh no, oh no. Yes. He absolutely 100 per cent was kind of the worst about her job.

There’s more.



I think the fact both Ross and Rachel’s names started with the same letter hinted they would never be apart.

And now my brain, eyes and heart hurts. It’s true. Ross was maybe the actual worst.

Why do bad things happen to good people? Why now? What’s next? Who’s next?

Don’t say Ron and Hermione.

Keep that sacred.


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