The Well: What happened when Robin Bailey told Bec Sparrow she needed a stylist.

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A few weeks ago, Rebecca Sparrow answered the phone to a call from her friend and co-host of Mamamia‘s podcast The Well, Robin Bailey.

And – by all accounts – it was awkward.

Sparrow had uploaded a photo to Facebook, following a speaking event at a school to about 600 parents and students. Smiling, she was pictured standing between ‘Those Two Girls’, Sarah and Lise.

She hadn’t thought much of the picture, though she concedes she didn’t think she “looked great”. To my eye, she looks beautiful. She has shoulder length brown hair, some lipstick, and a simple black blouse. Sparrow looks happy and relatable – the type of woman I wish spoke to me in high school.

Bailey had seen the same photo pop up in her news feed, and had a markedly different response. Sparrow, she thought, might be in need of some help.

The two speak about their phone call on the most recent episode of The Well. 

“Babe, I’m just thinking if you want some help with putting clothes together and whatever..” Bailey said to Sparrow.

Standing next to Sarah and Lise, both who have had lengthy careers in front of the camera, Bailey was concerned that Sparrow looked a bit, well, plain.

Robin Bailey and Rebecca Sparrow discuss their awkward phone call on The Well. Post continues below. 

“I have to include my appearance in a lot of the things that I do, and I love it…” Bailey explained. “And I don’t give a rats bazooka how you look, but I also know that standing in front of a thousand girls and their mums that there is an element of judgement attached to that because the way that we look is often judged by other people…”


“There’s an element to me that’s like… I don’t care,” Sparrow said. “Because that’s who I am.”

Sparrow is a well respected author, columnist and speaker and how she dresses has never been her currency.

“Bless you because all I wanted to say is that if this bothers you I can help facilitate that…” Bailey said, who has had a career in television and radio.

“And if it doesn’t bother you, go for it.”

“I don’t speak fashion…” Sparrow said. “I don’t know how to put things together… I’m a writer, I’m not a visual person… I’m not great at hair and make up. I don’t wear a lot of make up. I don’t own a lot of jewellery. It’s not a language that I speak.

“However… the truth is, I have not attended things in the past, because the thought of having to choose an outfit and get dressed for it turns me right off. So I will not go.”

As harsh as it may have seemed, Bailey’s question about whether Sparrow needed a hand when it comes to dressing for public events was ultimately met with “yeah, I do”.

And Bailey never presented as though she was the holder of all knowledge. Rather, she said she’s always had access to fantastic stylists and make up artists, who help her look her best when she is on television or presenting at public events.

It may have been an awkward phone call – and one I would never want to be on either end of – but both women were better off for having had it.

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