Forget Tinder, picking a partner by what's in their fridge is the new way to date.

Dating apps are the best way to meet new people these days but they have a fatal flaw. The only information about prospective dates has been compiled by them so they are full of lies. You’re being hoodwinked and you know it.

You’re only seeing the parts of them and their lives, or the parts they want you to see, not who they really are.

It’s true that the dating process gives you the time to find out who each other really is, but who has the time?

Fridge dating expert John Stonehill says a shortcut to choosing the right date for you is to check out the contents of their fridge.

“Face it. Nothing says more about who we are than what we eat and what we drink,” he told the Daily Mail.

Leftovers, branded condiments and baking soda. All good. Image: The Doctors, CBS

"It provides the ultimate insight into our health, appearance, income, lifestyle, even the kind of romantic partner we’ll be."

Sydney, 24, had given up on dating, let down by dating apps that failed to connect her with people she could see having a real relationship with. US talk show The Doctors introduced her to Stonehill and after a sit-down interview, he figured out what she was looking for in a partner.

Then he presented Sydney with three fridges and asked her to choose her next date based on what each candidate had in there.


*SPOILER ALERT* Sydney analyses the contents of the fridge of firefighter James, 24, the lucky guy who gets to take her on a date.

Sydney was impressed with his fridge, saying it felt like she was "looking at my own fridge".

"He's got the ranch, he's got the pizza, he's got the leftovers in the freezer...That's the whole package."

Stonehill says when it comes to reading a fridge there are some items that give more away than others.

Champagne: They like spontaneous celebrations.

Virtually empty: Not serious about dating.

He says, "A fridge can tell you about finances, how much we exercise. What I can say is, if you're single you're probably eating better than when you're married with two kids. If we look at that fridge, we can tell if someone looks after themselves. If you can't take care of yourself now, you probably won't later."

Stay away from people with:

Stinky, rotting food;

Fridges with the light bulb out;

Dirty and foul on the inside;

Too many generic products.

He says it's fine to casually date people with empty, disorganised, stinky fridges containing generic products but they probably aren't ready to settle down.

John Stonehill analyses fridges for single people through his website Check their Fridge. All you have to do is submit a photo (and have a ready excuse for why you are photographing the inside of their fridge in case they walk in on you) and he'll tell you everything you need to know about the person you are with but most importantly, how serious they might be about dating you.

It could be the best reason yet to clean out your own fridge anyway.

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