"I'm seeing my parents." 23 women on how they spent NSW's freedom day.

It's the day many of us in NSW have been waiting for. 

After over 100 days of lockdown, millions woke to new freedoms as pubs, restaurants, gyms and hairdressers opened their doors to fully vaccinated people. 

The state reached 70 per cent double dose vaccination last week, triggering the easing the resictions for 12:01am on Monday 11. 

Kmart stores in Sydney's Blacktown and Mt Druitt saw shoppers queing before midnight, hair salons were booked out, gym-goers enjoyed exercise outside their home and friends and family reunited for the first time in months. 


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 A stylist colours a client's hair at a salon in Surry Hills. Image: Getty.


NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet said while there will be challanges, he urges everyone to be patient and show respect as the state begins opening up. 

"We're the first state in the country that's put these plans in place," he told AAP.

"There will be challenges and difficulties as we go through this ... but we certainly don't want to be having police moving through cafes and restaurants.

"That's just not the state that I love and know."

But while those in NSW enjoy new freedoms, millions in metropolitan Melbourne and parts of regional Victoria are still in lockdown as the state's vaccinate rate grows. 

As we wait to be reunited with loved ones across the country, here's how those in the Mamamia community who could enjoy the new freedoms spent their day today. 

"My girlfriend and I are celebrating our two year anniversary at a restaurant!" - Maddie.

"I live in Wollongong, Southern NSW. There is a bridge that separates one LGA to another. I am crossing that bridge to go and sit on my best friend's lounge because it’s been a long time between sits!" - Bernadette.

"I'm going to the gym... twice. I cannot work out at home for the life of me so I've been absolutely dying for a cycle and reformer class." - Madeleine. 

"I'm just hanging at home, I’m scared that the rain and the crowds of people in the city will be a bit too overwhelming for me." - Emily. 


"I'm seeing my parents." - Lucy. 

"I've been working! We opened our F45 Studio back up today so it’s a huge day!" - Meg.

"My dad got to see his six month old granddaughter who he hasn’t seen for four months. He was at our place first thing! Like others with little ones her life has been small with few loved ones getting to meet her. Six years in the making her grandparents are super keen to see her." - Sarah.

"I saw my mate after three months apart and we had croissants in my living room. It was SO NICE and SO WEIRD to have people over again." - Katie.

Image: Supplied.


"I have two friends coming over for dinner - we're eating takeaway and watching the Savage X Fenty show." - Amelia.

"I am in my third trimester with my first baby so I am way too anxious to start going out and about, as much as I would love to go to the gym, have dinner with my girlfriends etc. But I am having my siblings and their partners over for dinner tonight. Which, because we live in different LGAs, is super exciting because I basically haven't seen them most of my pregnancy!" - Keely.

"I'm going to the cinema tonight with friends - some of whom I haven't seen for months because they live well outside my 5km bubble. We're all fully vaxxed and I can't wait! Especially having some pre-flick drinks at the bar and catching up." - Siobhan. 

"I feel really overwhelmed and unsure what to do with myself... do I go out? Do I not? I don't even know what appointments to book... places are so booked out it and it all seems too hard." - Lily.

"I took my three kids to the toy shop! They were so excited!" - Corinne.

"I celebrated freedom day by getting my daughters’ hair cut (we didn’t even mind the hour long wait) and borrowing books at the library!" - Sienna.

"I had my morning coffee sitting in an actual cafe, served in an actual mug. I will never take this for granted again! There was definitely a vibe of gratitude in the cafe and a few people made small talk (not the normal staring at our phones ignoring the world). It was so lovely!" - Gemma.


Image: Supplied.

"Hubby and I are going grocery shopping together! That’s our big celebration!  I’m in no giant rush to be amongst lots of people so we’ve got a few picnics planned now we can go into other LGAs to keep things a bit safer." - Annika.

"I worked from home, teaching. I’m cautious and wouldn’t be 'celebrating' anyway. I will still be concentrating on small, outdoor events catching up with family and friends. I want more time before I approach life as though it’s normal again." - Jo.

"I went to a spin class this morning and it was amazing! I felt so energised and excited. And I’m getting my nails done this evening and I literally couldn’t be happier." - Isobel.


"Nothing different today, I work from home and have a big assignment due this week so will be doing that tonight. I will visit my parents and have a friend over this week, but apart from that things won’t change too much." - Kimberly.

"I went to the gym and did a class this morning. It’s a small gym with a maximum of 16 people, no shared equipment and lots of space. I am getting my hair done tomorrow and my brows waxed and tinted on Wednesday and I’m so excited!!" - Michelle.

"My exciting freedom day was seeing a doctor face to face instead of telehealth. Go me! What an exciting life I lead." - Cathy.

"I'm working from home and staying away from what I imagine are crowded shopping centres. No patience for crowds. On my day off on Friday I plan to take my dog to the beach (11kms away). Finally." - Una.

"I feel a bit bittersweet in regional NSW and I am staying home doing some home projects. We’re only in the low 60 per cent double dose in my area, and when I went to do my click and collect groceries our small shopping centre was packed. Most people I know (myself included) aren’t double dosed for at least another week or so due to the limited non-AZ vaccines available in our area, and that has me a little scared." - Mara.

Do you live in NSW? Tell us how you are going to spend the first week with new freedoms in the comments below 

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