An Aussie makeup artist shares the four things every woman with freckles needs to know.

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With just of lick of tinted moisturiser, Meghan Markle single-handedly brought freckles back.

The Duchess of Sussex’s royal wedding makeup look was decidedly understated. She let her freckles shine through.

Sounds simple, but the natural yet polished look isn’t always easy to achieve.

If you’re a woman with freckles, you’ll know makeup doesn’t always look on your face the way it does in the magazine.

Sure, you get stopped at the supermarket and the dentist by lovely old ladies who tell you how beautiful your skin is. But being freckle-prone has its own set of makeup challenges.

Like how other women achieve chiselled cheekbones but your contour looks like you’ve rubbed cinnamon on your face. Or how you’re constantly having to chose between more foundation coverage and looking like a completely different person once your base is done.

Having a full and ever-increasing face of freckles, this writer feels your pain. So we asked a makeup artist how we freckly women can enjoy all the fun things about makeup, without having to cover our freckles completely.

Turns out, it really comes down to four simple things:

Doing your prep

Tobi Henney paints faces like Jesinta Franklin’s, Bambi Northwood Blyth’s and Steph Claire Smith’s for a living. So when she says women with freckles need to put some extra effort into their skin prep, yeah, we listen.


“Great skin prep will help knock out some of that redness before you’ve even begun,” the NYC-based makeup artist told Mamamia.

“IT cosmetics was founded by a woman who suffers from rosacea, so all the products are designed to combat redness and even out your skin tone. It’s incredible how much of a difference the CC cream (our Executive Lifestyle Editor, Leigh Campbell wrote about how amazing the IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC Cream, $61 is too) can make to your skin. And it’s got the SPF in it too, and it lasts.”

Henney also recommended L’Oreal Nude Magique CC Anti-Redness, $22.49 as great budget alternative.

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This nifty foundation trick

Henney suggested “dewy, thin, lower-coverage foundations” – like Mac’s Face and Body Foundation, $50 – for women who want their freckles to shine through, striking a happy balance between coverage and sheerness is all in the application.

“The trick is most people don’t know is how to apply [the product]. Backstage at fashion shows, what we do is warm the product up in the palm of our hand because it becomes a tackier, thicker formulation,” she said.

“Then what I do is press it onto the skin, and it makes the skin glowy and fresh, and evens out the skin and looks really beautiful on freckles.”

What makes this technique even better is that it doesn’t require any fiddly brushes or sponges, Henney advised. Gold ol’ fingers will do the trick.

“I apply this foundation with my hands, because we warm it up in our hands and the product is all over our hands. What I do is I grab it on my right hand and really melt it in, and then press and massage it into the skin.”

“Alternatively, I like to use a soft, floppy brush with a really flat head so you can press the product in.”

Henney’s brush picks include IT Cosmetic’s Heavenly Luxe Complexion Perfection Brush #7, $68 and NYX Professional Makeup Pro Flat Foundation Brush, $29.95.


Choosing cream over powder

As for why your contour looks less glamorous, more ground up nutmeg, Henney reckons your choice of contour, rather than the colour, might be to blame.

“Generally, I like to use a cream contour – like the Tom Ford Shade & Illuminate, $125 or Fenty Beauty Match Stix Matte Skinstick in Amber, $25 – over powder because they blend really well and you won’t get that harsh line. With powder contour, it can look muddy, whereas cream contour is great if you’re wanting it to look more natural and fresh,” she advised.

She also recommend going in with a bronzer after to warm the skin up a little bit more – Benefit’s Hoola Bronzer, $26 and Becca’s Sunlit Bronzer, $64 are her favourites.

Meghan Markle freckles
Meghan's freckle makeup look is natural, but still polished. Image: Getty.

And the colour to avoid like the plague

Nope, it's not red, or orange, or any of the colours your face is already speckled with. It's pink.

"Sometimes girls with freckles burn more easily, so they will have a pinky undertone. I advise avoiding adding pinks to enhance that redness - I would go for bronzy, peachy tones with your blushes rather than pink," Henney explained.

She also recommended using a foundation with a yellow undertone. If you're unsure whether or not your foundation is yellow based, check the next time you're in at Mecca, Sephora or your local beauty department.

Now friend, go forth and set your freckles free. Or something along those lines.

Check out all of Henney's brilliant product recommendations for women with freckles in the gallery below...


You can follow Tobi's work on Instagram and her website, and watch her latest makeup tutorial, which happens to feature a lovely model with freckles, over on her YouTube channel.

Feature image credit: Model - Ash Walker, Photographer - Rodney Deane.