How social media may have played a part in the Fraser Island dingo attack on the toddler.


This week news broke that a 14-month-old baby was dragged by two dingoes from his family’s camper trailer while they were on holiday in Fraser Island. The toddler, who was taken by his head, suffered a fractured skull and puncture wounds to his neck.

The first paramedic to treat the toddler confirmed to 9News that the parents “did everything right” and “weren’t at fault in any way”.

However, claims are emerging that other tourists aren’t being as cautious while visiting Fraser Island and are ignoring dingo-safe messaging in an attempt to get closer to the Australian wild dog.

According to 7News, locals of the island, located off the Queensland coast, are insisting the careless actions of those taking photos for social media are not helping the situation, as it draws unwanted attention from the dingoes.

A quick social media search of the Fraser Island hashtag on Instagram will show you a number of photos of dingoes – with some much closer than others.


The attack on the toddler marks the third dingo attack on Fraser Island this year. In February, a nine-year-old boy and his mother were admitted to hospital after a dingo pack chased them down and mauled them.

It followed a January attack on a six-year-old boy who was bitten on the legs while camping with his family in the same area as the toddler.

This most recent incident has re-opened a debate amongst locals around the best way to avoid future attacks on the island, which more than 400,000 Aussies camp on each year.