40 years worth of primary school students surprise their favourite teacher on her last day.

Ms Flexer as she walks into her own surprise retirement party.

Nancy Flexer has been a first-grade teacher for over 40 years.

On her last day, the adorable Kid President helped gather her past students, some she taught as far back as 1973, for a surprise party.

In the video, ex-students both young and old share stories of how their first primary school teacher touched their lives.

Ms Flexer told “I’m one of the luckiest people in this world. How many times do we really realise the lives we’ve touched, the manner in which we’ve touched them, and that these are memories that stay with them for life?” 

You’d think many of her now grown-up students would be unrecognisable but Ms Flexer recalled each of them as she looked around the room.

She taught Year One her entire career, has taught several generations of the same families, and has kept every class picture over her 41 years at Cole Elementary.

Her face when she walks in the room and sees so many of her past students is priceless:

So. Many. Feelings.