FLUFF: Octomum in rehab. Where are her kids?

This story is pretty joyless. In fact ever since Nadya Suleman gave birth to 8 healthy babies and earned herself the moniker “Octomom” in 2009 rounding her total number of children up to 14 it’s been a car-crash. Recently, she was ‘forced’ to make a porn video and work in a strip club to earn money to take care of her children.

Today she’s been admitted to rehab:

This from PEOPLE:


Suleman, 37, checked into the Chapman House Treatment Center last week because of “anxiety, exhaustion, and stress” linked to a Xanax addiction, her rep says.

“Ms. Suleman has been taking Xanax that was prescribed by her doctor to deal with her anxiety but she felt she needed a treatment program to help with her recovery,” her rep tells ABC News. “She will be in treatment for 28 days or more if needed.”

The rep adds, “Although the rehab offered to treat her at no charge, Ms. Suleman opted to pay for the program.”

As for the kids? They’re in the care of three nannies and various friends.

This surprise conversation between two breast cancer survivors might make you feel a bit emotional. E! News presenter Giuliana Rancic  called into the Kyle & Jackie O show this week to send her love and congratulations to Australian entertainment journalist Sally Obermeder who has herself been battling an aggressive form of breast cancer that was diagnosed the day before she gave birth to her daughter Anabelle 12 months ago.

Giuliana and her husband Bill Rancic have recently welcomed their baby boy, born by surrogate, into their family less than a year after her own breast cancer diagnosis.

The two women shared the stories of their breast cancer experiences; listen to the brilliant segment below (Giuliana comes on at around the 6 minute mark):

Meanwhile, Giuliana recently explained in an interview with Health magazine that she was “blindsided” by her infertility after spending so many years chasing her career. This from the Daily Mail:


‘I always say how I chased my career instead of chasing guys,’ she reveals in the November issue of the U.S. magazinHealth.

‘And everybody was patting me on the back. No one ever told me, “Oh, by the way, your eggs change when you reach a certain age.” I didn’t think 35 was old!

‘So when the doctor said, “It’s not as easy as you thought it would be,” it was a real blow. Because I felt so young.’

She explained that had thought she was in perfect health.

Check out our gallery of the lovely Giuliana: 

Miranda Kerr has been named “Sexiest Woman Alive” by Esquire magazine. Which is fine until you see what she’s wearing in the photo shoot:

Oh yes. She’s forgotten her skirt but she hasn’t forgotten her fur coat. And the fact that she’s wearing fur doesn’t seem to gel with Miranda’s wholesome, nature-loving comments in the interview accompanying the photoshoot, IN WHICH SHE CLAIMS THAT SHE MAY HAVE BEEN A KOALA IN A PREVIOUS LIFE:


“I really feel that my body craves to be in the mountains or by the ocean or in the countryside. I still like to climb the odd tree. Yeah, it’s fun! I like to climb. I find it very rewarding. You feel like you’re going somewhere. I don’t like abseiling, though. I don’t like going down. I like going up. It is though! I got stuck up a tree when I was about seven, and my dad had to come and get the ladder to get me down. I loved to climb all the way up to the top. I must have been a koala in my past life.”

We’re not impressed. Animal cruelty is a horrifying issue and that coat is likely to have been made out of an animal who was skinned while alive (don’t follow this link unless you are ready for some very distressing information).
Let’s agree to file this one under First World Problems. Following the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy, many on the East Coast of the US are calling off their festivities. For the first time in history, the New York Halloween parade has been cancelled and Heidi Klum has also had to postpone her annual (and world famous) Halloween party.

Heidi tweeted: “Hope you & your loved ones are safe after the storm. Canceling my Halloween party… postponing to a haunted Christmas,” along with an image of her on a New York street, post-hurricane.

To further compound the tragedy, Heidi had already given fans a sneak-peak description of this year’s costume (she was to come as Cleopatra) and if you’ve ever seen a Heidi Klum Halloween costume: the woman does not know the meaning of the word understated. She brings it. Every. Single. Year.

So to cheer us up, here’s a taste of Heidi’s previous (and inspired) Halloween outfits – along with some other celebrity Halloween costumes:

WELCOME TO HALLOWEEN HEAVEN. For those of you who are celebrating Halloween at home – our sister site iVillage.com.au brings you everything you need to make the day (or night) a good one:

You will never believe the things that you can do with a pumpkin

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Face painting made easy 

You don’t have to do Halloween at night 

Guess the celebrity Halloween costume

There’s no reason your pet should miss out on Halloween. Or maybe there is

If you are having photos taken for Halloween please do not use this as inspiration

It’s not too late to get a costume for your kids – you can even make one out of stuff you have at home. Get inspired

If you wanna be her lover, you better not rock her boat. X Factor judge and former Spice Girl, Mel B and her husband Stephen Belafonte are seeking an AVO against a photographer. The couple claim that he threatened them and deliberately created “big waves” while they were kayaking in Sydney Harbour.

But – and this bit is interesting – Mel B has a history of cooperating with the paparazzi – often tipping off photographers allegedly for a share of the lucrative profit that comes with the sale of ‘candid’ shots. As Fairfax columnist Andrew Hornery wrote:

Mel B

Since moving with her family to Sydney two years ago to become a judge on Channel Seven’s talent show X Factor, Brown has established a lucrative side line in tipping off a select group of paparazzi about her movements in return for a slice of the fees generated by exclusive photo sales to magazines and newspapers around the world.

Yesterday Brown declined to be drawn on her arrangement with the agency Splash in Los Angeles, which represents paparazzi around the world and in Sydney. Splash has dealt in the star’s most lucrative images.

Exclusivity means high prices. An exclusive set of photos showing a bikini-clad Brown and Belafonte sipping wine and jumping off the side of their luxury cruiser on Sydney Harbour fetched about $10,000 when they were bought last week by British tabloids, including the Daily Mail.

The matter will be settled in court tomorrow.

Gina Rinehart’s daughter, Bianca, has been photographed for an eight page spread in Vogue’s December issue. The shoot was held in the beautiful Pilbara in Western Australia. Get it? Mining? Pilbara? Excellent location synergy.

The accompanying interview actually appears to be rather candid. Vogue Australia editor-in-chief Edwina McCann said: “Bianca spoke about her connection with that land in particular, all the time she spent with her grandfather and her upbringing, which was not always happy.”

In other fluff news…

Guess how much Usher just paid for his new dog? US$12000. Which seems like a lot for a goldendoodle puppy. But wait – he actually won the dog at a charity auction for Pencils of Promise, a charity that aids in building schools in Laos, Nicaragua, Guatemala and Ghana. Cute.

This high-end designer has just done a collaboration with Targethere’s our pick of the bunch.

– Oh look, it’s Keith Urban in Speedos. YES YOU READ THAT CORRECTLY. Run don’t walk over here to see the pics.