Yes, you can be a "real woman" with a flat chest


Let’s get one thing straight.

Being thin doesn’t equate to being perfect.

Nor does it equate to the Hollywood ideal of beauty.  Only one aspect of it.

To be perfect by celebrity and/or media standards, you need to be thin, have large breasts, long legs, blonde hair, tanned skin, perfect features, the list goes on.

So when women rally against such ridiculous and unattainable ideals, I’m all for it.

But why, when women unite against the pressure of unrealistic and unattainable beauty, do they focus almost entirely on weight?

Or, dare I say it, curves.

Catch-cries of “men love curves” and “real women have boobs and a bum” are shouted from the roof tops, alongside images of tall, busty, voluptuous women, such as Bianca Dye and most recently Catherine Deveny.

Which makes all the curvy girls feel fabulous I’m sure.

But what about the rest of us?

The not so curvy? But not so perfect either?

I’m a size 6.  So no, I’m not overweight.  Lucky me.

I’m also 5 foot 2 inches tall.  No long legs here.

I wear a size 10 B bra.  Just.

I live my life in high-heels and padded bras. I’m not a blue-eyed blonde either.

And when I gain weight, where do you think it goes? You guessed it, my hips.  Not my boobs.

So no matter how much I cake I eat, no matter how body confident and bootylicious I proclaim to be, I’m never going to be curvy.  Or, according to the rebelling media and diversity spokeswomen, a real woman.

So if I’m no Miranda Kerr, but no Beyonce either, where does that leave me? It’s not just the curvy girls being let down by the media.

Isn’t it about time women encouraged other women to “love their bodies” and “celebrate their uniqueness”, rather than focusing on specific ideals such as “curves” and “boobs” and “thin”.

Let’s beat the media at its own game and embrace all women.

Attention advertisers!  Big breasts or small … you can look great whatever your size.

Here are some famously ‘small chested’ women rocking the red carpet:

Nicole Madigan-Everest is a freelance writer, journalist and mother of two.  You can find her website here.