Why people are putting stuffed socks on their car dashboards.

As Australia reluctantly heads into winter, many of us will soon struggle with the age-old problem of getting in the car in the morning, only to be faced with an entirely foggy windscreen we can’t see through.

Yes, you can use your car’s defogger system.

Yes, you can turn the heat on and wait for five minutes.

But there’s actually a way to avoid the foggy windscreen altogether. And it’s very, very simple.

All you need is an old (preferably not smelly) sock, and some kitty litter.

You see, foggy windows are the result of moisture getting trapped in the air inside your car. Kitty litter, which is designed to absorb dampness, also serves the purpose of incidentally sucking up this moisture.

According to genius Youtube channel Dax Hacks, by filling a sock with (no-odor) kitty litter, and placing it in your car (on the dashboard is ideal), you can entirely prevent your windows and windscreen from fogging up.

You can also place a sock in the boot or on the back seat to prevent fog on your back windscreen.

So, if you spot a few random socks inside people’s cars this winter, now you know why.

What are your best winter hacks?

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