The FitBit that counts your thrusts during sex

Image via Bondara

If you’re the competitive type, and you take sex seriously – very seriously – you might like to write ‘SexFit’ on your wish list.

As the name suggests, it’s like a FitBit – only instead of measuring how well you run, it tracks your sexual performance. Well, actually, the sexual performance of the penis-owner in your life, as there’s no female equivalent just yet. Although we do have a kegel exercise tracker that rewards us with vibrations, so…

Anyway, yes – in other words, it’s a penis pedometer. Let that mental image soak in for a second… there you go.

UK-based company Bondara unveiled the prototype for the SexFit last week, and it looks a little something like this:

The wifi-enabled device - which will be available in white and pink designs - is worn around the penis, and syncs with a free smartphone app. It reports how many calories were burned during intercourse, average rhythm and the thrust-per-minute rate, and uploads the results to your SexFit profile.

Romantic, huh?

The app also appears to award you a SexFit "rating" - Joe Bloggs here has reached 'Mr Lover Man, Shubba!' status. Congrats, Joe.

The fun doesn't only happen after the act. The device releases "powerful stimulating vibrations" while in use, and you can choose a 'pacing mode' that determines how often the SexFit vibrates. When the thrusts steadily match the rhythm of the vibrations, the gadget lights up - super helpful if you're prone to bumping into objects while you're getting busy in the dark.

We know what you're thinking right now: 'Wait up - isn't the whole point of those fitness tracking devices the fact that you can brag post your results on social media for the world to see?' You're absolutely right - and the SexFit delivers there too. According to Bondara, users can "share and compare their favourite sessions and impressive individual milestones" with everyone on their friends list, bosses and grandmas included, and wait for those 'likes' to start flowin' on in.

Don't rush out to your nearest sex shop (or, um, Kmart sports section?) just yet. Bondara aims to start product testing by the end of the year, so you probably won't be able to find a SexFit in stores until 2015. In the meantime, you'll just have to be content to continue that mental thrust tally of yours.

Would you be tempted to try the SexFit?

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