Fiona Falkiner gives us all the details on her fitness routine.

Image: Instagram/@fionafalkiner.

Once you’ve made the decision to start exercising seriously, the hardest step is working out exactly what that’s going to consist of.

Will it be running? Swimming? Yoga? Spin class? Military style bootcamp or sessions at the gym? Honestly, it’s enough to break you into a sweat before you’ve even started.

Fortunately, The Biggest Loser host and TrimFit ambassador Fiona Falkiner recently shared some her advice on the subject, after getting asked so frequently about her own regimen.

The short answer? A fair bit, it seems.

“People ask me what exercise I do. I love to mix it up so I don’t get bored. Walking, jogging, HIT group training, yoga, swimming, spin class, gym. The key is to find something you love, something that when you finish you get that incredible rush that makes you want to do it again and again,” she wrote.


“For me it keeps me in a healthy state of mind. I don’t train to see the numbers decreasing on the scales. I train to see my body get stronger and my outlook more positive. Find what you love, be the best you can be.”

With so much conflicting information out there about what amount and intensity of exercise we should be doing, it’s nice to hear Falkiner talk about her wide range of different workouts, and the emphasis on her mental wellbeing. (Watch: Why not try The Jungle Body dance class? We gave it a go. Post continues after video.)

Finding something you actually look forward to doing is something Falkiner is particularly passionate about.

“It’s about finding the thing that makes you feel really good. I’ve got different things that I do depending on the day. I still get bouts of feeling anxious and the struggle to sleep and things like that, and I turn to exercise to help manage that,” she previously told The Glow.

“It’s about finding something you love doing and you walk away and you’re like, ‘I love that feeling and I want to do it again.” (Post continues after gallery.)

However, she stresses that it’s not a case of doing something once and then striking it off the list.

“You’ve got to go out there and try a load of things, but don’t just try it once, try it a couple of times to really give it a go,” she said.

What’s your go-to exercise?