Yes, babies crying on planes are annoying. But what these women did about it was way, way worse.

We get it – long flights can feel like torture, especially when the trip is disrupted by screaming babies.

But Air China passengers took their in-flight frustrations to the next level this week by starting a brawl with the mother of a crying baby.

Young mother Chan Juan Sung, 27, was flying from Chongqing in China to Hong Kong on board Air China Flight CA433 when her baby’s cries woke the two women seated behind her.

Scenes from the fight. Image via Twitter.

They reportedly told the mother to shut the child up and in retaliation, they reclined their seats back as far as possible. Nasty words were spoken before the fight broke out.

During the fight one woman was lifted and thrown against the overhead compartments and the fighting only ended after flight attendants told the brawlers the flight would have to be turned around.

Four women were involved in the fight and they were taken in for questioning by police when the flight reached Hong Kong.

Seriously, everyone. We can’t do much about babies’ behaviour. But adults are meant to know better.

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