If you're a man upset by the new female Doctor Who, there's a number you can call.

Are you desperate to get into your Tardis and travel back to a time when doctors were men and woman were never the lead character in a television show?

Never fear, the Doctor Who Hotline is here.

The BBC announced the 13th doctor would be a woman and fans of the show are understandably furious.

Watch the video playing above for everything you need to know about the Doctor Who Hotline, courtesy of SBS VICELAND.

Broadchurch star Jodie Whittaker landed the role of the time travelling doctor this week, but obviously no one ever told her that it’s Doctor Who, not Doctor Womb.

Check out the video above from SBS’s The Feed to see how the Dr Who Hotline has helped men come to terms with this devastating new reality.

If pain persists, listen to The Binge. The hosts may be women, but we guarantee none of them are doctors.

Listen to Laura Brodnik and Clare Stephens discuss the very first FEMALE Doctor Who.

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