Two of the biggest crimes against fashion have officially become stylish.

There’s a revolution happening in the UK.

No, we’re not talking Brexit (this time), but rather what’s going on on the runways of London Fashion Week.

Fashion rules (which everyone knows make the actual law seem more like guidelines) are being broken left, right and centre – and we love it.

While it’s always been known as the quirky, alternative round in the fashion week circuit, this week London is even outdoing itself.

One word: Crocs.

For his S/S’17 collection, designer Christopher Kane sent models down the runway wearing what many regard as the ugliest shoe to ever have been invented.

It’s a move that no-one in fashion saw coming – and probably would have even bet their Birkin bag would never happen.

But it has – and daggy dads, avid gardeners and feet all over the world are cheering out loud.

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No longer will people have to sneak out to get the morning paper and hope they don’t run into any friendly neighbours.

The fear of having to actually get out of the car during morning drop offs and reveal your comfy footwear is no more.

And hiding your well-worn pair at the back of the shoe cupboard and pretending you only bought them ironically? Ancient history.

Of course, Kane’s weren’t exactly your bog-standard green or black pair.


Featuring a marble design that would make an Instagram star smile with glee and precious gemstones instead of the cartoon ‘buttons’ or pins, these are #fashun crocs indeed.

It wasn’t the only fashion faux pas given redemption either.

When Cara Delevingne arrived at the Burberry show the other day, there was one aspect of her outfit I couldn’t quite believe I was seeing.

Image: Getty

And no, it's not the peculiar black line down her body that many are speculating is a new tattoo.

Take a look at the feet again.

With one swift move, the model has decreed the 'crime' of wearing stockings with open toed shoes is no longer.

Image: Getty

The hotly-debated style combination is perfect for when you want to wear those fancy shoes but it's too cold for bare legs.

Paired with the right shoes and statement stockings (think woolen, patterned and even fish nets) it's a bold choice that will earn you even more style kudos.

Just remember to go for tights that don't have a visible seam at the toes - or tuck them under your foot sole so they're not on display.

After all, if Cara can do it, surely we can too.

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