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Mamamia recaps Farmer Wants A Wife: One woman is left completely blindsided.

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Back at the farms the animals have gathered and are patiently waiting for the gossip to arrive. 


The farmers are driving their wives to the farms when one of them comments "This looks like the outback..." and someone needs to... tell her. 

Farmer Will and Tammy arrive at the farm, and an emu comes over to judge. 

"This is the most exciting thing that's happened since that lamb got stuck in the dam."  

Rob says he's going to take Meg fly-fishing, and she says she's hoping to catch a "straight up husband, mate" and same. 

Farmer Matt and Hayley have a picnic under the stars and Hayley tells Matt about her experience with Hodgkins lymphoma. And Matt tells Hayley about losing his dad to a brain tumour. 

They kiss under the moon and look, it's a lovely moment between all the judge-y farm animals having a gossip. 

Farmer Andrew blindfolds Jess and guides her up some rickety stairs into a weathered barn where he has set up a table for a romantic dinner for two. 

Then a... truck arrives and Andrew tells Jess they have to leave dinner to unload 470 sheep. 



Farmer Will and Tammy are eating a chunk of meat in the backyard when a joey comes over to get a closer look. 

Farmer Sam takes Mackenzie out to dinner at a restaurant in Orange. Meanwhile, Andrew and Jess have finished unloading the sheep and they kiss under some mistletoe. 

This is all getting a bit too cute and sweet, it's almost as if it's time for the... drama to arrive. 

"It's time to all date the same average guy."  

The other four wives descend on their farms and in a shocking twist of events the existing wives are slightly put out. 

The wives are immediately put to work on the farms. 

Farmer Andrew teaches the women how to shear sheep... to varying degrees of success. 

Meanwhile, Farmer Matt has taken his wives to the dam for a swim. In the great tradition of people rubbing brown s**t on each other on reality TV, Hayley starts rubbing mud on Matt. 

It's triggering for each and every one of us who has sat through the last seven seasons of The Bachelor



Farmer Will sends a couple of the wives to the fridge to get him a beer and there's just a dead and skinned kangaroo just... hanging there. 

One of the women is from Canada and she's definitely having flashbacks to watching a certain little film I like to call Wolf Creek

The farmers receive a letter from Nat telling them they should send someone home tonight if they're not feeling a connection with them. 

Farmer Andrew has a chat to Jess about whether she would actually move to the farm if he chose her and she says she'd have to be really sure it was going to work out. 

Makes sense. 

Farmer Will asks Jaimee whether she's planning to head back to Canada anytime soon. 

Rob, Sam, Matt and Andrew decide not to send anyone home. 

After spending the 24 hours together, Farmer Will decides to send Tammy home. He says she's done nothing wrong and he can't explain why. 

"This is why I can't even make eye contact with you..." he says and it's awkward for all of us. 

Tammy tells the camera she thinks it's because she's 40 and he wants kids. 

Wow, this one really ended on a downer. 

Here's a cow in a wig. 



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