EROTICA: 'I drank from a cat bowl while being stroked. My night trying kitty play.'


“….And if the woman is wearing cat ears it could mean she’s in Kitty Play. There was this really gorgeous girl in a cat ear headband on the dancefloor.”

We urge him on. We’re at the pub, about four drinks in and my friend is explaining something he witnessed the night before between a work buddy and a stranger at a bar. We are transfixed.

“So, this guy I know goes up to her, and he’s not exactly someone you would describe as hot, and he said something in her ear and talked to her for ages and she listened, grinning, and she was all over him and next minute they leave together. I couldn’t believe it.”

What happened next?

According to my mate, this colleague took the girl home and they played cat and owner. She drank out of a bowl and got petted and led around on a leash and purred.

They had sex. The guy went home.

I had never heard of Kitty Play but I was fascinated, and I’m going to admit it, more than a bit turned on by the idea. I had to try it.

So, there is a guy I know, and he’s rather on the kinky side. I told him about my Kitty fantasy and without batting an eyelid he said he was in.

I got a text message.

Him: I have a present for you…

He’s not the type of guy to send chocolates or jewellery. He sent me a cat’s tail he had just bought online.

‘Hmmm,’ I thought, ‘how does it stay on?’

Ohhhhh. It was a silicon butt plug with a fluffy tail. Of course!

are butt plugs good
"Ohhhhh. It was a silicon butt plug with a fluffy tail. Of course!" Image via Getty.

He doesn’t do things by halves.

I went and got myself a black collar and a little black lead. I bought some black metal cat ears. I had a skimpy black bodysuit, thigh high black socks and topped it off with a long coat so the police weren’t called when I walked the streets.

In the car I popped the butt plug tail in. It was kind of hard to get in and I was trying to be discreet. But it actually felt great. Sort of too great, like I may never take it out.

I rang the doorbell and put my cat ears on.

“Hello kitty”, he said in his deep, commanding voice.

I was going to meow, but I giggled instead.


He took my jacket off and ordered me on all fours, inspecting me from top to toe. He lifted up my chin gently and looked at me, he touched my ears, ran his hand along my back and tugged on my tail which made me snigger. I got a whack on the bum for this.

“You look like such a good kitty, I think I want to play with you,” he said.

I really wanted him to. This was super hot.

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He took my lead and I crawled to the lounge where he had a fluffy rug and a kitty bowl filled with something clear.

“Have a drink, kitty,” he said and scratched behind my ear.

I leant over the bowl and put the tip of my tongue in. It was a gin and tonic. In a bowl. So, I had a drink. Unconventional, yet delish.

“Now lie on your back, my pretty little kitty.”

I did just that, kitty style and then we fooled around and it was more or less what you would do with a normal make out session except my lead was in his hand and I was… a cat.

It was pretty sexy though. He called me kitty and stroked me like a cat and spanked me when I did something naughty. I blew him as he sat in the chair and then he removed my body suit and we had sex, kitty style.

It felt pretty amazing with my little tail butt plug in and I came long before he did. He was holding my lead as he fucked me, and it was such a turn on.

I think I actually unconsciously purred at one point. Then he came and we lay there on the fluffy rug, panting like dogs.


After you’ve been a cat who has had sex with their master, it’s really tough to make small talk.

So, I Ieft. And I sent him a little cat paw emoji, because cats can’t spell.

Being a sex kitty is pretty amazing and I think it’s kind of a slippery slope because I was wondering what animal I could be next time. A sloth? A panda? A dugong? The possibilities are endless.

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