Why do we fanny fart during sex?

As part of Mamamia TV’s Things You Can’t Say On TV series, we’re talking about – you guessed it – things you can’t usually talk about.

This week, it’s the all about the embarrassing fanny fart.

You know- a queef, a vart, vaginal flatulence, a muff puff. Basically it’s just that god awful sound that slips out in the throes of passion that usually leaves both participants wide-eyed and a little red faced.

So what actually IS a fanny fart?

Well, Mamamia TV’s Shelly Horton has chatted to Dr Ginni Mansberg, to find out exactly that.

“You’ve gotta learn to love them, because they do tend to happen. You’ve effectively got a vagina that’s normally a bit of a flat tube, much like a balloon,” Dr Mansberg says.

“Sometimes when you’re having sex it’s quite a rigorous pumping action ushing air into the vagina.”

But you need to see the demonstration to truly get it.

You learn something new every day, right?

What’s the most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to you during sex?

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