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If you have kids you'll want to know about this

Family Life Forum speakers brought to you by Lend Lease

Mamamia is taking to the road. And if you have kids you are going to love this. Because we are literally bringing the parenting parts of Mamamia to your local Lend Lease shopping centre.

Family Life Forum is proudly brought to you by Lend Lease Shopping Centres and Mia is curating a cracking team to get out there and share some of the content that you most love. Live. In real life.

So what are these forums all about ? Well, the issues affecting families today are among the most important – and often puzzling – that parents face. So what we aim to bring you is tips, tricks and expert reassurance to help you navigate the parenting maze.

Not only will we have great speakers (Mia , Rebecca Sparrow, Paula Joye and Jo Lamble) but we’ll have the kind of relevant and meaningful subject matter that you have come to expect from Mamamia.

But right now we need your input, we want to know what the issues are that concern you most as a parent whether it be trying to instil traditional family values into your children, talking to your kids so that they actually listen (and getting them to talk to you) or recognising and dealing with bullying?

Does technology worry you or do you lie awake at night worrying about role models (and the lack of anyone wholesome actually fulfilling that role)?

Are you anxious about when to let your children pierce their ears (or their bellybuttons), when to let them start carrying a mobile phone or catch the bus?  How much pocket money they should be getting?

What are your thoughts? Are these issues pressing to you? Are there other areas you would like covered?

The Family Life Forums are a series of events to be held in 13 regional and metropolitan Lend Lease shopping centres across NSW, VIC, QLD and WA.  Please visit Family Life Forum for your chance to win  tickets and learn more about venues and timing and follow Family Life Forum on Twitter here.

And remember if you are going to attend one of the forums let your other MM’ers know.  Seriously, what better place for a Mamamia meet-up than a Family Life Forum?

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