Five of Australia’s best facialists share their favourite skincare product.

They own the salons and reign at the spas celebs turn to for perfect skin.

Brides-to-be have them on speed-dial. Beauty editors quote them like gospel.

Now, we’ve rounded up their favourite skin care products so you can get their glow at home.


Jocelyn Petroni

Favourite product: Ultraceuticals Vitamin A Skin Perfecting Serum, $132.

“I recommend this serum to brides or anyone concerned with sun damage or ageing. Vitamin A is one of the few ingredients that visibly changes and improves your skin for noticeable results. You’ll see smoother skin texture, less pigmentation, breakouts and fine lines with a dewy, radiant glow.


“Apply one pump at night to clean skin (apply the second pump to your neck and décolletage) two nights per week, gradually increasing to nightly use over the course of a month.


Melanie Grant

Favourite product: Broad Spectrum Sun Protection


 “If you only do one thing for your skin, protect it every day with a quality sunscreen. And remember to include your neck and décolleté when applying, the skin on these areas is much finer and more prone to damage. Doing this one simple step will prevent your skin from pigmentation, redness, wrinkles, large pores and sagging.

“I recommend finding a moisturising day cream with a built-in SPF 50. Layer it over your day serum after cleansing every morning, no matter the weather.”

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Tilly Barnett, No 13 The Beauty Avenue

Favourite product: Elizabeth Arden PRO Triple Action protector, $107.


“I can’t live without this tinted sunscreen. It’s packed full of antioxidants and a DNA Enzyme complex for maximum protection against any environmental damage. It works for all skin types and it’s so light you barely know you’re wearing it.

“It can be used on its own as a day moisturiser, but I like to layer it over my moisturiser for added hydration. Just use one-two pumps warmed up in the palm of your hands and press it into your skin. It’s perfect if you don’t like too much make up but want to even out your skin tone.”


Richie Angelou, MADE by SELF.

Favourite product: MV Organics Instant Revival Booster, $90.


“I love a hydrating serum/oil. Hyaluronic serums are perfect for any skin type wanting a hydration boost and oil serums are amazing for those who want a luminous dewy glow. With Melbourne being a super dry city with zero humidity, my skin needs extra moisture to keep it well-nourished and healthy.

“I follow the seasons, which means my skin regime changes. For the cooler months, this MV serum is full of antioxidants and energizing essential oils. It’s the perfect antidote to combat dull dry winter skin. After cleansing apply a few drops and massage into your skin, allow it to sink in and then follow with your moisturiser. Use morning and night.”


Jan Plummer, The Spa Sanctuary.

Favourite product: Phyt’s PANACEE La Crème, $240.


“My current favourite is this certified organic day and night cream, suitable for mature skin. I love it because it reduces wrinkles as well as slowing down their formation, and improves skin sagging and tonicity.

“Apply it with the small spatula provided over your face, neck and décolleté, spreading outwards. Use morning and night. Flawless skin begins with the best daily routine [and this multi-use product makes that so easy.]

What is your favourite skincare product? Tell us in the comments.