How Facebook is changing what you see in your News Feed - and what you can do about it.

By now you may have heard that Facebook is undergoing one of its biggest ever shake-ups in terms of what we see in our feeds. But what you may not know is just how it’s going to affect you and your mindless scrolling.

So we’ve taken a closer look at the changes, to break down just what they mean for you and how you can take back some control.

What are these changes exactly?

Facebook uses complicated algorithms to decide exactly what content it shows you. For instance, if you watch a lot of funny cat videos, it figures out that you like them, and keeps showing you more.

But in a recent Facebook post, Mark Zuckerberg himself told the world that users would now be seeing a lot fewer posts from businesses, brands and media sites.

Zuckerberg said he wanted Facebook to go back to being more about finding out what your friends and family are doing and interacting with them. So, you’re likely to see more “I missed the bus and then it started raining. Worst day ever” posts from your Aunt’s bestie, and fewer posts from the pages you follow.


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What if I like seeing news stories in my News Feed?

Right now you might be thinking, ‘but I like seeing Mamamia in my news feed, how will I see your stories now?’ Well, funny you should ask! We have a couple of suggestions.

First off, get off Facebook and come to our homepage Even before these changes, Facebook was showing you just a fraction of the stories we write every day, and if you want to be in charge of what you’re reading, coming to our homepage is the best way to do it. You could also subscribe to our newsletter, and have the best of Mamamia delivered straight to your inbox.

And if you still want to see us and all the other sites you like on your Facebook News Feed, you can increase the chances with a few clicks.

Go to our Facebook page, hold your mouse over where it says ‘Following’ near the top and tick ‘See First’. Done.

When will I see these changes?

Although Facebook was a touch vague on when the changes to our News Feeds would come into effect when it made the announcement earlier this month, by all accounts they’ve already made the switch.

How do you feel about the new Facebook changes? Do you think they’ll help strengthen a sense of community online like the company hopes?