So the Facebook dating app just launched. Here is everything you need to know.

Erm, excuse us everyone. Facebook has launched a “dating” service. It’s aptly named… “Dating”…  and we have so many questions.

Like, do you swipe? Is there a function that prevents mean boys from ghosting?

The program was launched in Colombia today, after being announced in a conference in May earlier this year.

But most importantly, we just want to know how it’s going to work.

According to a trial conducted by Wired here is how things are gonna go down.

How do they match you with people nearby?

The Facebook dating app restricts matches to within 100km.

Is it the same profile as your Facebook?

Nope. To start dating on Facebook, you need to make an entirely new profile. You need to provide your age, first name, and any other information you think is important. This can include gender, location, and the gender(s) of people you want to match with.

If you want to, you can also provide your height, religion, job title, workplace, whether you have kids and where you went to school.

What about photos? 

You are able to select nine photos for the profile, so choose carefully.

Any unique features? 

In a move that is entirely unique in the dating market, the platform will provide 20 ice-breaker questions to get things started. They are compulsory, which certainly takes the pressure off. Questions include things like “What does your perfect day look like?”.  Additionally, much like more old-school dating apps, there is an algorithm that matches you with potential dates based on factors like mutual friends and things you have in common. Just one problem with that… many people have liked a million pages on Facebook that are entirely outside their interests, but we’re sure this flaw will be ironed out.


Is it safe? 

There are safety measures in place on the app. Conversations take place outside the traditional messenger function, and links, photos and payments are unable to be exchanged in this section of the chat.

Any fatal flaws?

Ah, yes.

The fatal flaw of the system is that it doesn’t match you with anyone you’re already friends with. The inherent issue here is, of course, that there are plenty of eligible bachelors and bachelorettes tucked in the friends you already have.

To discount everyone, just because you became friends on Facebook on a night out in 2009, seems like a bit of a waste of potential love interests.

Oh Silicon Valley, when will you learn?

Will you try the Facebook dating app? Let us know in the comments.