There's a new, reusable way to remove makeup that requires nothing but water.

Stop what you’re doing and get your weary pores ready for some joyous news, friends. A makeup removing product to end them all has arrived and it’s literally got me feeling like Tom Cruise jumping on Oprah Winfrey’s sofa.

And sure, that may seem like a huge claim to make, but after you’ve seen the Face Halo in action you’re going to be on the sofa-train with me too. Particularly on those nights where you just cannot carry out the makeup removing, cleansing, toning and moisturising process (no judgement, I’m there at least once a week).

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Created by Australian mums Rebecca Williamson and Lizzy Pike, the Face Halo is a double-sided circular face pad (it kind of looks like a cross between a face washer and a circular cotton pad) that’s made of an ultra-fine microfibre material that is able to get deep into your pores and get everything – including makeup, dirt and other miscellaneous gunk – out, all with the use of just water, that sweet, sweet entirely free resource we all know and love.

Plus it’s washing machine friendly and in turn, environmentally friendly and sustainable as anything.

“Taking makeup off is a bit of a chore,” Pike told

“I’d have to spend 15 minutes taking it off. We both have teenagers, and they are notorious for not properly taking off make-up at night.” She added, “We thought there must be an easier way.”

Williamson agreed, saying, “We wanted something gentle on the skin, and that didn’t require chemicals.”

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So essentially, you’re looking at a two (maximum three) minute makeup removal and skin cleansing route in one, using only water. For pads that cost $22 per pack of three.

Oh, and did I mention that actress Naomi Watts and beauty blogger Chloe Morello are also superfans of the Australian-made product? Yeah, they are.

Honestly, take my money, Face Halo. Just take it all.

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