Forget eyeshadow, try doing THIS.


You may have noticed that coloured eyeshadow is going through a revival right now; blues, pinks, oranges, olive greens, reds – if worn in a modern way (and in the right shade for your skin tone) you can pretty much pull off any colour.

As trends do have a that pesky habit of exploding then fading just as fast, you may be loathe to spend any money investing in new colours or expensive eyeshadow palettes for less than one season BUT I’ve got a way you can try out the look using the products you already have it your kit.

Step one: apply an eyeshadow primer to the lids. A good primer will prevent makeup from smudging, make it last longer and to help to avoid creasing. I like Too Faced Shadow Insurance Anti-Crease Eye Shadow Primer (it also excels when used underneath a glittery powdered shadow).

Step two: work one of your favourite lipsticks (the one I used here is YSL Rouge Pur Couture in 36 Corail Legende) onto the back of your hand.

Step three: apply the lipstick to your eyelid using a patting motion using your finger or a brush. 


Step four: for a more intense look, apply an eyeshadow over the top. I used Stila’s Countless Colour Pigment in Finale.

beige, copper, bronze colours in Groupie

Step four (optional): this step is optional but an ‘in’ look now is glossy eye make-up. I used Smith’s Rosebud Lip Salve which gives more of a sheen rather than a gloss.

Step five: To make the look more edgy you can finish it off by applying liquid eyeliner and then soften the line with a black shadow or gel pot. Apply mascara.

(Hmm, I’m thinking next time I will do the other eye too!)

Note: this is not a sponsored post, Nicky just really likes GIFs. All products used here have been purchased by Nicky. For more style and beauty follow Mamamia Style on Facebook here.