The one product porn stars swear by for the smoothest bikini shave.

Sometimes you want hair on your vagina. Other times, you do not.

Whether you can’t get to a waxer or your hair’s too short, shaving is a quick and easy option if you do. But too often you’ll be left with stubble, or the dreaded bikini line enemy – ingrowns.

Fortunately, there are those that need to shave on the regularly who have mastered the best tricks and techniques to a flawlessly groomed downstairs.

And if you ask around, you’ll find there is one particular product porn stars swear by for a painless and super smooth bikini area.

Baby oil.

“I put baby oil all over the area. No soap beforehand! The baby oil sticks and it gives you a nice, clean shave, adult actress Allie Haze told Cosmopolitan.

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A reddit user by the name of TheBlackPajama, who was a dancer for four years, also echoed the recommendation.

“First exfoliate, then rub the area with baby oil before you shave to soften the hair and skin,” she wrote.

It makes a clean shave easier and is gentle enough to be used down there.

And yep, turns out you should be exfoliating your pubic area too.

“It makes the skin softer, and makes the hair pop up a little bit, so it’s easier to get the hair at the root,”
Dr. Michele S. Green, a New York City dermatologist previously told BuzzFeed Life.


Ann Paterakis, who has over 20 years experience in waxing, and has founded her own salon, Soho wax lounge, also previously told Mamamia that it can help reduce the chance of ingrown hairs.

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The Reddit user also recommended using a men's razor and men's moisturising shaving cream.


"Dab some rubbing alcohol on the skin after you shave to kill bacteria and close your pores, then apply deodorant (an unscented Dove stick works best) liberally. This will keep you dry down there so you won't chafe and prevents razor bumps, she says.

Another Redditor by the name of absinthevisions, who was a stripper for eight years, says that men's razors and and shaving gels work better than womens. Another contributor added that it was important to dry your razor head after using to extend their life.

"Also if you have thick hair, treat it with hair conditioner before your shave," she suggested.

While the idea of, erm, shampooing and conditioning your pubes may seem strange, it's actually not uncommon.

Adult film actress Dillion Harper recently told Popsugar her shaving routine literally begins with a blowdry.

She shampoos and conditions her pubic hair, then after trimming and shaving, she dries with a hairdryer.

"After you wash, don't forget to fluff things out," she said.

Ultimately though, like most things on screen, Redditor absinthevisions said things aren't always what they seem in real life.

"Everyone gets an ingrown hair every once in awhile. It's not a big deal. Treat it and go on with your life," she wrote.

"Strippers just cover theirs with make-up and dark lighting."