Madison Missina explains why women in the sex industry opt for long hair... and no pubes.

If you’ve ever watched pornography, you might have noticed a couple of things when it comes to hair.

One: that on the whole, female porn stars tend to have long, luscious, Victoria’s Secret-esque hair; and two: that they usually have no hair at all in their pubic region. The hair situation is often the same for sex workers.

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Every woman in the sex industry is different, so it’s interesting that their approach to grooming is often so uniform. Is it a total coincidence, a current trend, a professional expectation… or something else altogether?

Madison Missina, an award-winning Australian porn star and high-end escort, answers these questions (and many, many more) in an interview with The Glow‘s publisher, Mia Freedman.

Missina has won Australian Porn Star of the Year three times. (via Instagram)


During the latest episode of Mia's No Filter podcast, the 32-year-old says her beauty, hair and grooming regimen is "gigantic".

"I use so many products. I'm always getting facials, I've done plastic surgery, I've had breast implants and I've had liposuction. And hair, I've got hair extensions," says Missina — who has been named Australian Porn Star of the Year three times and was recently inducted into the Adult Industry Hall of Fame.

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It'd be easy to assume this decision is a purely aesthetic one, but evidently it's more financially motivated.

"The longer the hair is, the more money you make in the sex industry. It's by far the best thing you can do for your business, to make sure your hair is amazing. So my hair bill is each year is... I can't even talk about it," Missina explains. (Post continues after gallery.)

When it comes to pubic hair, on the other hand, the decision to remove everything is more about safety.

"A lot of the reasons why a lot of us don't have pubic hair is because it makes sexual health better," Missina says.

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"So you don't have issues with lice if you've got no pubic hair. If you end up in a situation where you get any cuts or whatever, you can see everything; everything is clean and it's open and visual. Pubic hair actually hides things."

Of course, it's always going to be a personal decision, so not every sex worker or porn star will choose to wax. But it's certainly an interesting consideration.

You can listen to the full interview here:

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