Mum perfectly shuts down pram snobbery in epic Facebook rant.

A British mum’s sweary rant about pram snobbery has gone viral. Gylisa Jayne put up a Facebook post last Friday about the huge amount of money parents waste on prams.

So far, it’s had 60,000 likes.

Jayne says that when she was pregnant, she left it up to her partner to investigate prams. “Turns out pram envy is a ‘thing’, ‘cos everywhere we went, Ryan would gawp at people’s choice of pram,” she wrote.

“I hadn’t noticed prams before, or even really cared. But now I was introduced to the world of pram snobbery. I mean, no one wants to be pushing around a Ladybird pram when you could have a f**king Quinny 3?!”

Jayne says she went to check out prams at baby store Mothercare a few weeks before she was due to give birth, and discovered two things.

“First, that there’s a reason the floor in Mothercare is ‘wipe clean’ and it has nothing to do with children/babies. No no no… It’s because when you see the price that they are charging for a baby carrier, your excitement for the future literally drops out of your arsehole.

“Secondly, I learnt that everyone else is either way richer than me, or it’s just normal for a pram to cost more than we’ve ever spent on a f**king CAR.”

Before the Bugaboo, it was rare for Aussie parents to spend more than $600 on a pram. (Image: iStock)

Jayne and her partner bought a second-hand pram for their baby Lily. When she grew out of it, the couple finally bought a new one, very cheaply, from Aldi. But Jayne says the excitement didn’t last long.

“And do you know why?” she wrote. “Because no one tells you, when you are parting with your (or someone else's) hard-earned cash... That you can have the top-of-the-range, Ferrari-equivalent, needed-a-loan-for, flashiest pram in the whole world...

“But when they can walk, will they sit in it? Will they... f**k.”

Jayne says the idea for the post came to her when she was at a friend’s house last week.

“My pram wheels squeak when I push it and it’s embarrassing,” she told The Mirror.


"You’re so jealous of seeing everybody else’s prams. They’re so nice. People are so proud of their prams like how people are proud when they have a nice car.”

Judging from the 8000 Facebook comments, Jayne has really struck a chord.

“I got roped into pram snobbery by my partner,” wrote Emma Knight. “£1500 pounds later we have a Recaro pram with lights.”

“Ours was £800 and now I can’t sell it on!” posted Fee Moran. “No one wants a second-hand pram and yet it’s got so many features!”

“I bought mine off a friend of a friend for £10 in 2009 and it lasted really well but the amount of criticism I got for doing that was ridiculous!” added Rachel Shave.

Of course, it’s not just in the UK that pram snobbery is running rampant. Earlier this year, it was revealed that Australian parents were lining up to pay $2800 for a Cybex Priam pram with gold wings. Roxy Jacenko was pictured pushing her son Hunter around in one. Liv Tyler and Cate Blanchett were also reported to have them.

In my @cybex_global #cybexjeremyscott wheels ???????? thanks Aunty @judyromano1 ❤

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So when did pram snobbery start to become a thing in Australia? Apparently, it was about 15 years ago with the arrival of the Bugaboo. Before that, it was rare for Aussie parents to spend more than $600 on a pram.

Jayne is blunt enough to say what not many parents will: they’re not buying an expensive pram for their baby, they’re buying it for themselves.

"She doesn't care what she's in. It's purely for the parents.”

Do you think expensive prams are worth the investment?

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