Every secret Netflix code and hack you need to find the best TV shows and movies.

Far be it for me to say anything negative about Netflix.

I don’t want to hurt it’s feelings, because I love it so much.

Did you hear that Netflix? I love you, I love you, I love you!

But like most loving relationships, we have a few issues that test our love and while I’ve done everything I can to cope with them – deep breathing, delcious snacks, alcohol – I can’t fix them on my own.

There are two of us in this relationship and now it’s time for Netflix to meet me halfway.

For all the best Netflix hacks and biggest TV moments of the week, listen to the latest episode of The Binge.

And I must say, Netflix has gone above and beyond to repair our love. Way, way, way beyond. Check out these amazing Netflix hacks compiled by Arts.Mic.


1. YES I’m still watching.

When you’ve dived deep into an incredible series, comfortable in your recliner chair, unwilling to move unless you can’t hold it any longer, the last thing you want to do is get up to respond to the INFURIATING message, “Are you still watching?”


You can disable this message by watching Netflix using the Chrome browser and selecting Fix Assist and adding it to your browser.

2. Death to buffering. 

It’s 2017 and technology has come so far. So why, WHY do videos still need to buffer. And why, after pressing pause to do something…pressing, does it need to buffer again after we hit play?

It doesn’t make sense!

Win the buffering war by watching it at a slightly lower resolution. You do this by using the keyboard shortcut SHIFT CONTROL OPTION S which opens up a secret menu and you can choose a lower “bit rate”. Yay!

Over five million Aussies are now subscribed to Netflix. Image: Angie and Yvie on Googlebox, Network Ten.

3. Netflix has a bible.

There is a Netflix bible that lets you access a full list of your favourite genres. Did you know there are over 20,000 genre codes you can use to organise your binge-watching properly?

Once again, this is accessed via a Chrome extension. Gotta love Chrome.

One of the most controversial new series on Netflix is Santa Clarita Diet. Article continues...

Video via Netflix

You can access it here by selecting Netflix categories.

4. More keyboard shortcuts.

There are so many keyboard shortcuts you can use which is handy when you have a young child who has wandered into the room for a hug, attention, food and you need them to do something to your Netflix show because you don't want to move too much just incase you affect your full absorbtion of the show in which you are emersed.

PgUp is for PLAY and PgDn is for PAUSE which is handy for when your child wants to talk to you, so, you know, you don't miss anything important.

Shift Right Arrow is FAST-FORWARD and Shift Left Arrow is REWIND.

M is mute, but why would you ever want to use that?

F is for fullscreen mode, another easy option for a child to help you out with.

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