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"A letter to my abusive ex-husband who always claimed 'but I never hit you'."


F*ck you.

I can’t believe I stupidly fell for a narcissist like you. Never in a million decades did I ever think I’d ever be one to fall victim to the domestic violence you subjected me to.

But I never hit you” were words so often out of your lying mouth.

“But I never cheated on you” were more stupid words that came after.

Apparently, these are the only two reasons people can fall apart.

F*ck you. For thinking our marriage breakdown was my fault and that you played no part in the hell that we both lived. You knew what you were doing when you sent suggestive messages and photos to any girl who showed you an inkling of attention. “But I never cheated.” You may not have physically cheated but what you did was far worse. You opened your heart for other women and that hurts more than finding out you were physical.

F*ck you. You pretend to your online world that you’re this amazing father and I never let you see your kids. You pay enough in child support for toilet paper and when you do talk to your children, you tell them hateful words about me. You call their mother a mean and horrible person and you label their only safe place toxic. I give my babes nothing but love, support and I work damn hard to provide.

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F*ck you. For constantly dragging me through hell, for criticising everything about me and for never leaving me alone. F*ck you for emotionally beating me so hard that I wish I had bruises so police would finally listen to me about what you were doing to me and my mental state.

F*ck you. For not even trying. While I lay crying on our bed after one of our final fights together, you leave to go visit another woman. While you play the victim to her, your wife and kids were at home, wishing you would try to make it work just one last time.

F*ck you. For trying to make me believe that no one will ever love me. Because kids and an ex-husband are apparently too much baggage for any normal man to put up with. F*ck you for trying your absolute hardest to bully the both of us until we gave up. Blocking you was the smartest thing we did.

But lastly, I want to say thank you.

Thank you for teaching me to be a stronger person. Thank you for showing me what an unhealthy relationship is and especially thank you, for showing me what I want my son to be nothing like.