Before they had even opened their mouths, everyone was against this year's Emmys hosts.


This is… awkward.

Michael Che and Colin Jost just delivered their opening monologue at the 70th Primetime Emmy Awards.

But before the comedians had even opened their mouths, people were… unimpressed. 

You see, Che and Jost have a history of making regressive jokes and not handling criticism well.

According to Vox, Jost was accused of making transphobic jokes during a Weekend Update segment two years ago. He never apologised or properly addressed the issue.

Che recently defended Louis C.K’s return to comedy after admitting to sexual misconduct last year.

A lot of people thought they weren’t the right choice to host the first Emmys of the #MeToo era.


And it all went rapidly downhill once they did, in fact, open their mouths.

While the comedians attempted to deliver a punchy, political, timely monologue, a lot of their jokes fall flat.

Here’s how Twitter reacted: