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A very important investigation into the origin of Emma from The Bachelor's accent.

As Australians, it’s very confusing when somebody speaks and they don’t emit an all-familiar nasally drone.

They say “How are you going?” and it doesn’t sound like “Hayagarn”?

Sorry, but what foreign language is this?

Are those… properly-pronounced vowels?

But if the foreign sound is not then recognisable as either American or English, it sends us far, far into overdrive.

We… need help.

We need you to tell us exactly what your accent is before the conversation continues. We simply cannot go on without clarity.

There are, of course, a few exceptions and examples of said clarity in the media we consume throughout our day-to-day lives:

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Manu Fieldel, on account of the fact that his name is Manu Fieldel and he’s a chef and says very French things.

Jacinda Ardern, purely because she’s the Prime Minister of New Zealand, so it makes sense that she speaks with a different accent.

Antoni Porowski, Queer Eye‘s resident hot chef, because he regularly mentions the fact that he’s Canadian.

And that’s… about it.

So when this year’s Bachelor rolled around and 32-year-old brand manager Emma Roche (dubbed 2019’s “stage-5 clinger”) popped up on our screens with an indiscernible inflection and peculiarly pronounced words, our brains collectively exploded.

Is she from South Africa? Canada? Bondi? The moon?

The thing is, she hasn’t explicitly told us (or Matt), so we are in the dark and we don’t like it here.

Take it from the people of Twitter, who are quite rightly up in arms about it all:



Seeing as we’re at episode eight and the question still remains unanswered, we’ve conducted a very thorough investigation into the origin of Emma’s accent:

1. In episode one, she mentioned “getting married in an Irish castle”.

Yes, in reference to The Bachelor Matt Agnew, moments after meeting him.

But for the purpose of this thesis we’ll leave that detail for now.

This indicates that she could be, in fact, Irish.

2. She’s Irish.

It’s Irish, guys. She’s Irish.

It says so on her contestant profile, which we assume she wrote herself.

Case closed.

Mystery solved.

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