'The ultimate perve': Poor Alex opened Twitter to find an awkward photo of her dad going viral.


A dad has gone and done the daddiest thing that’s ever been dadded.

Alex Leavey, 23, opened Twitter on Thursday to find that her dad had gone viral… in the most dad of ways.

To fully explain this absolute daddy of a situation I have to take you back to the very beginning.

On Wednesday Twitter user, Dom(Unique), posted a selfie to the social media site.

In said selfie a man can be seen, erm, checking out her boobs.

“Wow what a photobomb,” Dom(Unique) captioned the photo.


The photo quickly went viral.

It… it… was Alex’s dad, Dennis, in the photo.

Alex discovered this cringe-worthy fact when she opened Twitter and discovered that good ole’ Dad Dennis had been turned into a meme.

She then tweeted:

“I immediately knew it was my dad and was laughing at most of the replies to it,” Alex told BuzzFeed News.


“My dad has a really big personality so for people who know him it was so funny that of all people walking around in Manhattan of all places this picture was taken and he’s in it.”

Alex also explained that Dennis is blind in one eye and was probably just looking at the ground when the photo was taken.

Anyhoo, Twitter loved the whole ‘my dad went viral for being a pervert when he’s actually a lil’ bit blind’ thing.



Oh, Dennis.

Oh, dads.