6 emails women were cc'd on that they weren't supposed to be.

Over the past few decades, the world has evolved to a place where most of the communication takes place online

Whether that be via email or social media, through platforms like Slack, or the emergence of video conferences during the height of COVID-19, we have collectively shifted to a virtual business as usual. 

But along with these very welcomed digital developments have come more than a few faux pas. You know, like not remembering to turn off your camera while popping to the toilet or checking your phone during video meetings?

And then, of course, there is the dreaded cc on email, which has long been a corporate weapon for many employees.

But have you ever been on the receiving end of a cc'd email by accident? The ones where you open the email and know immediately that this content was not made for your eyes?

Yup, awkward AF.

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The knock-on effect of receiving one of these rogue emails varies. 

It could be an innocent typo while drafting the email or it could lead to some pretty serious (even litigious) implications for the sender. Let this be a reminder to check, double check and then check again before hitting send.

Here are six women on the time they were accidentally cc'd on an email they weren't supposed to be.



"When I was working in commercial radio, the (now fired) boss replied to an email I sent requesting pay for a role. He replied, 'She should be grateful for the opportunity,' and it accidentally came to me."


"The guy I was seeing (I was told exclusively) cc'd me on his travel itinerary for a trip he was doing with another girl. He then tried to recall the email."


"One time I copped an email that was about the wage for someone filling a position. It was incredibly loaded because all of the wages were subjective to each section of the business. It sparked a lot of conversations about wage consistency."


"I got cc'd on an email from a client recently and the reply said: 'Can we not do this,' in relation to a suggestion I had put forward. I called them out."


"A staff member from the school I used to work at emailed the principal and cc'd the whole staff publicly quitting in a very long, aggressive rambling rant.


"I had an extremely difficult working relationship with a colleague in a previous job (I was a writer and she was a picture editor). She would constantly chase me for pictures for stories that weren't even written yet and was on my back 24/7. As a result, my responses to her got shorter and shorter. After one particularly frosty exchange, I received an email from her – but it wasn't meant for me, it was meant for our colleague and was ABOUT me. It said something like, 'Have I done something in particular or is she just extra bitchy today?' I sent it straight back to her and just wrote: 'I don't think this was meant for me.'"

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