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ican'tthinkofone May 24, 2022

The USA will never change their gun laws. You can't get an abortion or be a Doctor providing one, but it's fine to own multiple high powered weapons to kill with. 

ican'tthinkofone May 24, 2022

There are more guns in Australia today than in 1996. Further restrictions are needed. 

ican'tthinkofone May 4, 2022

You can buy a gun and shoot someone in America with little chance of being prosecuted, but can't control your own medical care. Welcome to Gilead. 

ican'tthinkofone May 4, 2022

Let's DNA test every child at birth to identify the father who is 50% responsible and give them a bill for 18 years of child support. I bet the male politicians will feel differently about abortion then. 

ican'tthinkofone September 4, 2021

I don't think I'll be trying this, it's not very flattering.

ican'tthinkofone August 23, 2021

That might happen in a year or 2 when there are more vaccinations, more flights and the Australian government let's people leave the country. 

ican'tthinkofone August 20, 2021

She's the most unpopular person in Hong Kong at the moment after being let into the country without having to do quarantine, while others have to do up to 3 weeks. 

ican'tthinkofone August 3, 2021

Vaccinated people can't travel, but unvaccinated air crew can enter Australia?

ican'tthinkofone August 2, 2021

They should have been giving out free condoms to all participants.

ican'tthinkofone July 29, 2021

Far too many posters and comments about Communism, with no understand of what that actually means. 

ican'tthinkofone July 26, 2021

Who paid for the phone? Who pays the bills? The person paying, owns the phone. If that is the parent, then you can take it anytime you want. The high school I teach in banned all phones from 9-4pm. Best decision ever. Results are up and cyber bullying is gone. 

ican'tthinkofone July 25, 2021

I recently heard a group of 11 and 12 year old girls discussing the Sex/Life series on Netflix. Yes, they had all seen the series and were discussing the famous shower scene and whether the penis was real. 

ican'tthinkofone July 19, 2021

I haven't had a period for 7 years thanks to 2 IUD's, but have had irregular bleeding for 3 months after my 2nd Pfizer shot.

ican'tthinkofone July 6, 2021

The vaccine rollout is atrocious. Please remember that Scott Morrison is responsible at the next election. 

ican'tthinkofone June 30, 2021

Far better sex education is needed in schools and free contraception. I teach reproduction in Science class to high school students who are already having sex but have no idea about their own bodies and put themselves at risk with unprotected sex most weekends. 

ican'tthinkofone June 23, 2021

I assume parents who pay to send their kids here actually support these kinds of classes. This would never happen in the local public high school 

ican'tthinkofone June 23, 2021

Reminds me of a 1st Birthday I went to in Dubai with a facepainter, 3 jumping castles, fireworks and 3 Bengal Tiger cubs.