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ican'tthinkofone February 14, 2024

Australia needs to start building domestic violence jails.

ican'tthinkofone February 4, 2024

So many people I've never heard of! Also many non singers there.

ican'tthinkofone February 1, 2024

These poor old rich white blokes with nothing better to do this week! Imagine your poor grandsons having to go to school with girls. Women need to learn their place so we can stay in the 1950s.

ican'tthinkofone February 1, 2024

You are better off not going anywhere with that Bridezilla! 

ican'tthinkofone January 25, 2024

How many of them are actors/wannabe actors/models or Instagram influencers this year? 

ican'tthinkofone January 23, 2024

How about, "I never met the right person and can't afford to do it in my own".

ican'tthinkofone January 11, 2024

Your son is an adult, he can contact you if he wants. 

ican'tthinkofone January 8, 2024

Another comedian ruins his career with an awful monologue. Kristen and Will next year!

ican'tthinkofone January 8, 2024

Kylie Jenner looks pretty normal without all those Instagram filters. 

ican'tthinkofone January 7, 2024

Make sure he's using condoms! 

ican'tthinkofone January 7, 2024

A good friend was asked to write a job ad for her own job. 

ican'tthinkofone January 7, 2024

International education is the worst! I received by accident an email that said "When are we going to tell this woman we are rescinded her contract and don't want her to move to Bangkok?". Another colleague got one saying she shouldn't get a new teaching contract because she would probably just get pregnant again. 

ican'tthinkofone January 5, 2024

Foe is a really boring movie, don't do it!

ican'tthinkofone January 2, 2024

Imagine your identity being wrapped up in a title you were given because of who your parents are. We definitely need less royals and not more. 

ican'tthinkofone December 1, 2023

Stop stirring up trouble, you are as bad as Piers Morgan. When did this website become a gossip magazine?

ican'tthinkofone November 27, 2023

I've taught high school for 25 years. If you're child or teen isn't happy at school, there are always underlying reasons which you may never find out about. Move them to another school and give them a fresh start. 

ican'tthinkofone November 24, 2023

Please stop with these negative articles about women, they are just embarrassing.

ican'tthinkofone November 23, 2023

Too much strangulation in porn, men are thinking this is normal.

ican'tthinkofone November 21, 2023

@Das Everyone has a "bikini body", you just put on a bikini

ican'tthinkofone November 18, 2023

I belong to a WhatsApp Brunch group with about 50 fabulous women. I pick and choose the ones I want to go to. There is no negotiation about date or location, one person just posts the location and date as a subgroup and you join if you are interested. Brunches start at 12 or 1pm.