Celeb in 5: Saturday's best entertainment and gossip news.

1. Elyse Knowles spills on The Block: “They’d try to mentally break you down.”

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Elyse Knowles has lifted the lid on her time on The Block in an interview with BW Magazine this weekend.

In the interview, the model-turned-renovator said the production team did not make it easy for her and partner Josh Barker.

“It was gnarly and every week got harder and harder,” she told the publication.

“We didn’t know how we’d get through it because they kept putting challenges on us.

“We wanted them to know we couldn’t be broken. They’d try to mentally break you down, but if you had a positive mind you’d be OK.”

With more than $500,000 in their back pockets from the show, we think the near-break was well worth the pain.

Lend us a tenner, Elyse?

2. After 12 years of co-hosting Weekend Sunrise Andrew O’Keefe has called it quits.

Image: Channel 7.

Weekend Sunrise's Andrew O'Keefe has quit the program after more than 12 years on air. Boo.

In a statement, O'Keefe said he was looking forward to spending time with his family on the weekends now, according to Fairfax.

"Weekend Sunrise has been a great springboard for some very talented people. I've had Lisa Wilkinson, Kylie Gillies and Samantha Armytage all co-hosting with me, they've all gone on to bigger and better things, I'm the only loser who hasn't," he said.

"The ideal job is doing work you love with people you love. And for 12 years it's been my great pleasure to work on one of the most lively and thoughtful shows on commercial television with some of the warmest, funniest, most committed people I know. Weekend Sunrise has truly been a family, though without the inheritance squabbles or TV-remote blame."

O'Keefe will continue to work on quiz show The Chase Australia.

"As much as I love my WS family to bits, I think it's time to give the weekends back to my real family. There are many overdue camping trips and too many unseen soccer matches to catch up on."

3. Good news: Taylor Swift received that $1 she sued a DJ for.


In Time’s Person of the Year article, the singer revealed that she was yet to receive the dollar from when she sued former DJ David Mueller for groping her at a meet in greet in 2013.

But Mueller has since revealed to the Associated Press that he has mailed the coin to Taylor Swift. THANK GOODNESS.

Mueller sent her a Sacagawea coin, apparently to take a final jab at the fact that the singer’s team said the court case was a win for women.

It is uncertain as to why the former radio DJ thinks sending her a coin featuring a heroic, much-celebrated woman was meant to be insulting, but okay... sure.

4. You haven't seen Christmas Cheer until you've seen The Bachelorette's Jarrod Woodgate in his Santa gear.

Ho, ho… erm, Jarrod?

Everyone’s favourite pot plant Bachelorette reject is now the face of Chapel Street’s Christmas campaign.


The shopping precinct introduced their new ambassador alongside a photo of Jarrod in a fluffy red hat and a red blazer.

“TV’s resident romantic, bachelor Jarrod Woodgate, will be offering a free service for Christmas 2017 to ensure women receive the present of their dreams,” it read.

Um... were not quite sure what that "free service" is (wink wink, nudge nudge) but it seems to involve Jarrod offering free gift advice to men so they don't buy their significant other an ugly pair of socks or another bloody vacuum cleaner.

Chapel Street was also offering shoppers the chance to meet the man himself and his pot plant earlier today.

"I don’t care if you’ve been naughty or nice, everyone is welcome to come down to the Chapel Street Precinct and whisper in my ear what they want for Christmas," Jarrod said in a statement.

Well, that's slightly unsettling.

5. Hair update: Pippa Middleton has chopped off her hair.

Image on right via the British Heart Foundation. Image on left via Getty.

Just in case you haven’t had enough royal stories this past week, there is even more news, and trust us, it is JUST as exciting.

Pippa Middleton has chopped her hair off into a lob, and obviously this means she copied her sister, the Duchess of Cambridge. Obviously.

Pippa debuted the short, textured look at a visit to the Bristol Royal Children’s Hospital.

We care. But also we really, really don't. But do. You know?